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The Southern Border Will Change the Face of America


Joe Biden has obliterated our Southern Border with Mexico in just two years. Under Donald Trump, we had the most secure Border in decades, and the number of illegal crossings was under control. The Border Patrol and ICE were supported, and the Wall was funded and being built. From day one of the Biden Presidency, Biden has negated every positive action President Trump had enacted, and it had the desired effect. The Border no longer exists, our sovereignty has been destroyed, and millions of unknown, unvetted aliens have flowed into our country. Some say there are 11 million undocumented illegals in the United States. Some say that number may be as high as 30-40 million. To Biden and the Democrats, it is only a number and is not a big deal. There is no limit to the flow of humanity in their mind, and therefore the Border Crisis does not exist.

The Democrats do not see the issue, but the rest of us do, and we know this influx of people from all over the world will change America forever. This unfettered migration is no longer impacting just the Border States. The uncontrolled travel of these people after they are “processed” means that every state has become a Border State. These people are impacting housing, schools, the burden of social welfare programs, and crime. They are destroying any semblance of a plan states had for their future. This is changing the demographics and identity of the United States, not in a good way.

We who are opposed to the Biden “immigration” policy are not being hypocritical. We know that this country was built on immigration and people from every corner of the globe. The merging of these cultures created the patchwork quilt country we love. The number of people allowed to relocate to America each year was controlled. That number depended on Americans’ birth and death rates and how many foreigners we could absorb without taxing our infrastructure and social budgets. Take away those controls, and you have the Biden plan. Open the faucet and let the human flow go. That is Joe’s take on immigration. The Biden Plan is no plan. It is about to get worse.

Depending on how the Courts can stop Biden’s plan, Title 42 is about to end. Title 42 was put in place by Donald Trump to force illegals back into Mexico until they could be vetted and processed. With the end of Title 42, the flow of people will increase and overwhelm our shrinking security forces at what was once our physical Border that defined the geography of America. Our forces are shrinking in two ways. The sheer number of border agents is decreasing, but also is the authority of these men and women. This puts them and our country in danger.

Contrary to Democrat claims, these illegal migrants are not all fleeing from oppressive countries where they are in immediate danger. It is documented that these people come from over 150 countries worldwide. One thing we know is that the vetting process does not exist. We do not know the health of the people crossing or their backgrounds. We know there have been people listed on the terrorist watchlist caught attempting to enter America. We do not know how many have made it through our security. This should scare every American.

Finally, aside from the number of people crossing is the millions of tablets of Fentanyl getting into our country. We know how much is stopped but not what is now in the underbelly of America, killing over 100,000 young people each year. The uncontrolled flow of immigrants and drugs is more than any sovereign country should ever experience. Unfortunately, we are no longer a sovereign country, thanks to Joe Biden.

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Ray Cardello

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