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Trump Vetoes Second Resolution To End Border Emergency Declaration 

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Presidential Donald Trump vetoed a Congressional attempt to overturn his border emergency declaration, marking the second time he has vetoed such a resolution. “In short, the situation on our southern border remains a national emergency, and our Armed Forces are still needed to help confront it,” the president explained in a veto message published Tuesday night, while the top-ranking Democratic presidential ...

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President Trump Is Deploying An Additional 2,100 Troops To The Border

The Trump administration is beefing up its resources at the U.S.-Mexico border as it continues to deal with a massive influx of illegal immigrants. Acting Defense Secretary Richard Spencer approved Tuesday night the deployment of 1,200 active-duty troops and another 1,000 Texas National Guard personnel to the U.S. southern border, Department of Defense spokesperson Maj. Chris Mitchell said in a ...

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Democrats Agree To Billions In Humanitarian Assistance For US-Mexico Border – With Limitations

Top Democrats in Congress have acquiesced to some of the administration’s request for billions in southern border aid, but the offer comes with notable limitations. As lawmakers continue to negotiate over a humanitarian relief package, Democrats have offered to include a portion of President Donald Trump’s  $4.5 billion request for emergency border spending, according to Democratic leaders and aides. However, ...

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The U.S. Needs Border Security

Democrats once clamored for border security, and even Obama wanted a wall. But times have changed, and now Democrats are against a border wall and advocating for illegal immigrants. Walls Don’t Work Democrats are united in their proclamations that walls don’t work. They provide no evidence why this is so — while they themselves stay within the confines of their ...

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DHS Volunteer Force to Assist Del Rio Border Patrol during Ongoing Crisis

DEL RIO, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents across Del Rio Sector are receiving assistance from fellow government employees within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to deal with a massive increase in family unit apprehensions. “Family unit apprehensions in this sector are up over 754 percent compared to the previous fiscal year to date,” said Del Rio Sector Acting ...

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Hundreds Of TSA Workers To Be Deployed At Southern Border Amid Rising Number Of Illegal Border Crossings: Report

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is planning to send hundreds of employees to the southern border to assist in managing the large influx of Central American migrants entering the U.S, according to an email obtained by CNN. The TSA plans to send 175 law enforcement agents and as many as 400 “Security Ops” agents to the southern border to work ...

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Lindsey Graham’s Immigration Bill Aims To Fix The Issues Fueling The Border Crisis

Lindsey Graham slams democrats for unethical behavior -4

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced an immigration bill that addresses numerous issues law enforcement officials say is driving the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. Speaking at a Wednesday press conference, Graham outlined the four main points of his proposal, addressing the “broken and outdated” immigration laws that attracts illegal immigration from Central America. Overall, the bill calls for doubling the ...

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More Than 1,000 Fake Families Found at US Border

Illegal aliens with children

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) discovered more than 1,000 fake families trying to sneak across the southwest U.S. border by pretending other illegal immigrant’s children are their own. DHS officials said that since Oct. 1, 2018, authorities have discovered about five fake families a day sneaking across the border with children they have borrowed or abducted, The Washington Times ...

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Trump Asking Congress For Billions More In Border Emergency Funding

The Trump administration on Wednesday requested an additional $4.5 billion in emergency border spending from Congress, a request that will likely face pushback from Democratic lawmakers. “The situation becomes more dire each day. The migration flow and the resulting humanitarian crisis is rapidly overwhelming the ability of the Federal Government to respond,” Russ Vought, the acting White House budget director, ...

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Better Late Than Never: There’s Been A Three-Fold Jump In Democrats Who Believe There’s A Border Crisis

A newly released survey shows a dramatic increase in the percentage of Democrats who believe the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border constitutes a “crisis.” Thirty-five percent of self-identified Democrats said that they believed the situation to be a crisis, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted between April 22 and 25. The number is a more than three-fold rise ...

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Former Head Of DEA Says America’s Southern Border Is ‘Collapsing’

Former head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Karen Tandy, said Thursday the southern border of the U.S. is “collapsing” from the immigration crisis. “Our border is collapsing, plain and simple,” she said on “Fox & Friends.” “What’s happened is principally Central American families, which consist primarily of one adult and a child, are being encouraged by drug traffickers and smuggling ...

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