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Supreme Court Clears Way For Congress To Access Trump’s Tax Returns

The Supreme Court has denied former President Donald Trump’s request to block the House Ways and Means Committee from reviewing his tax returns.

The committee has long been attempting to review six years of tax returns and files in connection with Trump and eight of his businesses. Trump had appealed to the Supreme Court to stop the committee from reviewing his tax returns, but the court turned down Trump’s request Tuesday.

On Oct. 27, a three-judge panel on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Trump’s request to block the tax returns, pushing him to file the emergency appeal in the Supreme Court, CNN reported. Trump asked the court Oct. 31 to temporarily block the committee from viewing his tax returns as the court considered his case, and Chief Justice John Roberts granted that request.

The Tuesday court ruling also vacated Roberts’ order.

Trump’s Oct. 31 application claimed the committee’s tax return review request would, if allowed to stand, “undermine the separation of powers and render the office of the Presidency vulnerable to invasive information demands from political opponents in the legislative branch.”

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  1. Greatest trap ever. Now that the Legislative branch can subpoena the Executive branch’s tax returns, then a precedent will be made. The incoming Republican led House can now subpoena Biden’s tax returns as well. And guess what, turnabout is fair play. The incoming President (guess who) will be able to subpoena the Legislative members tax returns … PANIC WILL ENSUE.

  2. Dems hate rich, conservative, successful, white guys especially Trump. Getting Trump’s tax returns serves no real purpose. It is just another attempt by the party of corruptness to investigate and fabricate more lies about the only President in the past 25 years to put Americans first.

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