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Is Kari Lake Merely A Woman Scorned?

There is no doubt that Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake was never going to go quietly into the night. Frankly, we should thank her that she doesn’t to the chagrin of many. Lake is fighting for something that she believes in, something that seems to have gone remiss across this unique nation of ours — fair elections with full-disclosure. We are all owed this which is the reason Katie Hobbs should be right by Lake’s side in the pursuit.

A single question raised pertaining to the honesty and validity of the outcome of any vote should always be explored and there are no depths too great for that investigation. Freedom is just that precious to every one of us as well as future generations.

What I see Kari Lake doing in expending efforts to launch a legal challenge in the Arizona Gubernatorial race are efforts every race, questionable in results, should be doing. She is not being unreasonable in her pursuit of truth as I hardly see her as a “scorned woman on a mission to heal her bruised ego.”

I see Kari Lake as a composed, rational, fearless fighter who decided to ‘damn the torpedos’ because her intellect and suspicions spy election results that simply don’t add up. We’ve been here before, but our lack of surprise this time around coupled by new-day political realities make today a very different environment than yesterday to pursue truth. Realistically, I would do the same thing if I were her as the only reality that would sincerely hurt is letting myself and so many others down because I took the position that “we can’t fight this.”

That said, if there are certain powers that control the results of our elections, they might have done better to hand the gubernatorial win over to Lake. It would have invited a much less headache onto them than the one that they will ultimately now have to cope with in not doing so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kari Lake isn’t the single force that returns this nation back to paper ballots and then some.

I might just consider moving to Arizona if she does.

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Laura Wellington

Laura J. Wellington is the founder of ZNEEX friendship-walking app. She is an award-winning children's brand creator, author, blogger, and political commentary writer.

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  1. Arizona Dems cheated and Lake is calling them out on it. It should not take two weeks to count votes. COVID is over according to Biden so mail in ballots should not be allowed. Go out and vote in person. Notice too that this type of shadiness only happens in Dems controlled states. I wonder why?

  2. Well said, Tmann ! The days of truth and honesty in politics have been so desecrated by this new Democratic party that has decided that he or she that they can lie, cheat, steal, or buy the illegitimate votes of the times for nothing more than personal gain, has so robbed the American people of any integrity in the high offices that are supposed to represent the good people of this country… such a despicable shame!! Honestly, I can’t imagine how they live with themselves, or look into the eyes of the children that they raise – that will innocently cheer them on.

  3. Kari Lake is a National Treasure and absolutely should be Governor. Now we are seeing actual videos of drop box fraud and ballot harvesting (like exposed in the 2020 election in “2000 mules”), not to mention the printer ink issues and thousand turned away because of voting machines being “down”. There will be another election and Kari exposes the massive voting changes that have occurred after COVID and need to be reversed.

    Since, COVID there are now 27 states that allow “no excuse” absentee voting meaning that you can get an absentee ballot for no reason other than you are too lazy to go in person to vote. Worse, few people know that there are now eight states that have 100% mail in voting. These states (and all the states with no excuse mail in voting) use so-called “signature verification” where ordinary poll workers match signatures and have the power to set aside ballots if they say signatures on the mail-in envelope don’t match the signatures on the ballot inside. How many signatures have you seen that are illegible or do your own signatures always match? In Oregon, for example, Republican and former Navy Seal, Joe Kent has apparently lost because thousands of his votes (more than he lost by) have been set aside. This is a horrible system that essentially can have any vote “set aside” on the basis of an inexpert opinion and then the voter must be contacted and then must come in person to prove that his/her own vote is valid. Talk about “voter suppression”! Then, conversely, signatures that obviously don’t match can be accepted by dishonest poll workers as was just proved in Nevada. It’s no wonder that there is little confidence in our voting systems anymore. We were far better served with paper ballots and single day elections. Let’s have a national holiday and one day voting and absentee voting only for those with a valid reason that they can’t vote in person.

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