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Dems Emerged From Midterms Slightly Bruised — It Doesn’t Mean Voters Are Endorsing The Status Quo


Everyone is struggling with the bizarre outcomes of the 2022 midterms.

Conservatives operate from a quaint playbook that connects outcomes to performance, and we told ourselves voters couldn’t possibly reward the party responsible for a ruined economy, disastrous foreign policy, rampant crime and a brain-dead chief executive.

We were kind of right, but can’t explain what happened in those parts of the country where we were wrong. The person who might is one who’s virtually invisible in today’s political landscape: Bill Clinton.

About 30 years ago, Clinton famously started his presidency with the axiom, “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

Wonderfully unifying rhetoric for today, but not that uncommon then. When Clinton won re-election in 1996, 1,100 counties were competitive between Bob Dole and him — about one-third of America’s 3,000. When Clinton’s wife ran in 2016, that number had dropped to 310 — just one-tenth.

This is despite the fact that, regardless of what corporate left-wing media tells you, Republicans have moved to the center, while Democrats have become more and more extreme, according to the Pew Research Center.

This radical departure is largely a factor of the urban/non-urban divide, which is why many are moving past the terms red states and blue states, because they don’t exist. There’s a blue archipelago surrounding what’s left of America, so Republicans win the House, but struggle in Senate races for those parts of the country that might be past the point of no return — especially since the exodus of conservatives from blue states since 2016.

Mediocre Democrats won against overwhelmingly more qualified Republicans who probably never stood a chance — Dr. Oz lost in Pennsylvania to a man who couldn’t pass a high school civics test. Maybe because of the well-known Philadelphia voter fraud machine, but maybe not. It shouldn’t amaze anyone the extent that Democrats will lie, cheat and steal to win elections, as HBO said in Recount — what’s amazing is how much they don’t have to.

Now it’s not that these hopelessly blue cities have become traditional Democrat: the modern Democrat Party has nothing in common with that of Clinton’s.

Meanwhile, modern Democrats are the party of cosmopolitan corporate, globalism: either new immigrant populations or those who benefit from their cheaper labor. America’s dysfunctional blue megacities — Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago — have become city-states like Qatar, Dubai and Singapore with a “cosmopolitan surface,” as Robert Kaplan writes in “The Return of Marco Polo’s World,” that have to reject nationalism in order to maintain an internal sense of community.

Alas while Qatar, Dubai and Singapore are dictatorships (albeit mostly benevolent), America’s international city-states are democracies, consigned to fighting for political power against the rest of the country they’re stuck with. And the glue that Democrats have come up with for keeping these diverse cities together is shared contempt for the American heritage that created them.

So Los Angelinos resent that they have so little voice in the Senate compared to the combined population of any 10 smaller states, but those 10 states resent that a city as dysfunctional as Los Angeles gets even those two senators.

And as the parties have parted ways, the political impact of 51 Republican senators compared to just 50 is enormous, but the number of people who determine that 51st is tiny.

Centralized power one a tiny city that is too involved in the lives of 330 million very disparate people is unsustainable.

Decentralizing power would be better for everyone except those small few who benefit from that centralization. Wouldn’t we all be happier if we were less politically intertwined with one another and the federal government just managed diplomacy, defense and interstate commerce — the way it’s supposed to?

Furthermore, redrawing borders away from traditional states and along the blue archipelago would likewise ease some tension. Republicans have picked up four House seats in upstate New York, but are outnumbered seven-to-one in the city. Eastern Washington state wants to become Idaho while Seattle wants to be an “autonomous zone.” Northern Virginia should be merged back with the District of Columbia.

This may all sound rather dramatic, but those who think the country is on the wrong track has been above 65% all year. Democrats got away with a slap on the wrist, but that isn’t an endorsement of their failed policies.

Our current political system has created a world of wonders and prosperity unimaginable to those who created it, but is due for some changes, or internal friction will tear us apart.

This phenomenon seems to be the case everywhere except Miami, which is why Ron DeSantis has become so attractive. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with Florida.

Jared Whitley is a longtime D.C. and Utah politico and award-winning political writer, having worked in the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Bush White House and the defense industry. He has an MBA from Hult International Business School in Dubai.

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  1. Everyone is debating what happened to the expected “Red Wave”? Exit polls tell us that 63% of voters aged 18 to 29 voted Democrat and we better start paying attention. Abortion was a much bigger issue that was brushed off by the GOP with some Republican idiots like Lindsey Graham even giving ammunition to the Democrats by introducing a bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks. It’s not that it’s a bad idea. Whether you agree or not, that directly contermands the Supreme Court decision that the overturning of Roe vs. Wade was neither pro or anti abortion; simply a correct ruling that it was never a Federal Government decision, but a State by State decision. Graham and any Republican that supported that bill did nothing but give a nuclear bomb to the Democrats that screamed the lie that Republicans would ban abortion. So the GOP was practically endorsing that lie, instead of contradicting it. Remember, like it or not, that most young people are so indoctrinated with “my body my choice” that they think of abortion as little more that another method of birth control. Abortion has been legal for almost 50 years and it will take many years to overcome that mindset that a fetus is “not a life”.

    Our youth are also indoctrinated with every other leftist message from elementary school through college. Then leftist indoctrination continues with a all the social media; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tic Tok. We know that all the social media censor anything that doesn’t uphold the leftist/Marxist agenda. We are also learning about the indoctrination of our youth from CRT and gender “choice” from elementary school through middle school and we already know that 71% of College professors say that they are liberal or “very liberal”, while only 6% identify as conservative. But it’s even worse. Almost every high school now provides computers to students for their use in research and writing papers during the school year. Almost every school uses Microsoft, whose search engine is called “Edge” which, even more than Google, will always post first news from left wing sites like the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, etc. That’s where all of America’s students are directed when they get on the internet to do “research”. Just as parents are beginning to fight CRT in elementary and middle schools, they better start paying attention to what their children are learning in high school and college because it’s completely shaping our youth in a one party direction and will ultimately determine the fate of our country.

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