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Sunday Spotlight: A Liberal Until She Saw the Light


Whether spreading the Conservative doctrine on college campuses, filming documentaries on the Black Lives Matter sham, or raising her young child, this human dynamo will tire you just by looking at her itinerary. She dispels the belief that all young people should be Democrats but that a young Black woman must be a Liberal. She is a breath of fresh air, a gift to the Conservative movement, and why Candace Owens is this week’s Sunday Spotlight.

Candace Owens is an American conservative influencer, author, talk show host, political commentator, and activist. Owens is a young woman, only 33, but it feels like she has been on the American political scene forever. Born in Connecticut and educated in New England (she attended the University of Rhode Island), Candace was heavily influenced by Liberal philosophy. Being a free thinker, she realized that the Democrat Party was not good for America and certainly not for Blacks. She is not afraid to change her mind. She was once against Donald Trump but realized he was the right man for the Presidency in 2016 and became a vocal advocate.

Owens had the guts to take her Conservative views to the Liberal campuses of America and was one of the original members of the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA between 2017 and 2019 as its communications director. In 2021, she joined The Daily Wire, where she hosts Candace, a political talk show. Candace is mature beyond her years and is a gifted communicator. She had testified before various House and Senate committees and sparred with many politicians who challenged her, and most often, she won the debate.

Miss Owens is not afraid to take on challenging topics. She was outspoken about the government and CDC’s response to the COVID Pandemic. She speaks not as a Black American but as an American who feels the restrictions placed on Americans were unjust and will have long-lasting effects. She has been outspoken against Black Lives Matter and specifically against its organizers. She has produced a documentary exposing these people and the real purpose of BLM to accumulate incredible amounts of money for the few at the top of the BLM hierarchy.

There was speculation of Candace Owens entering the political arena, and she did float speculation about running for the Senate. Now a mother, she has reassessed her future and sees herself as a more influential force continuing to spread Conservatism in the public and not the political arena. Her track record of success says she has probably made the right decision at this time.

The Guardian has described Owens as “ultra-conservative,” and New York magazine and the Columbia Journalism Review have described her as “right-wing.” The Daily Beast has called her views “far-right,” and the Pacific Standard called her a member of the “alt-right,” although she has rejected both terms. She was influenced by the works of Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Carson, and Thomas Sowell. Owens has said: “The left hates America, and Trump loves it.” She said the left is “destroying everything through this cultural Marxist ideology.”

To say Candace Owens is a complex individual is an understatement. Owens opposes abortion. She has called abortion a tool for the “extermination of black babies” She opposes feminism but does support same-sex marriage. The one thing that you can be sure of is Candace Owens will give you a solid argument for her stance. Her stance may change, but she will be able to defend why.

Candace Owens is an American treasure and watching her career and growth has been a pleasure. Whatever Owens decides to do in the future, you know she will give it her total commitment, and I hope that God will continue to provide her guidance and keep her safe.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

As a lifelong Conservative and resident of New Hampshire, Ray Cardello is positioned to speak with common sense about the happenings of the nation and the region. Conservative View from New Hampshire is Ray’s second blog and podcast effort in 20 years. He has published over 1,000 articles since January 2021, is syndicated on 15 websites, and is published on over 65 sites. Ray is passionate about his writing and sees the Internet as the only way for Conservatives to compete with the mainstream media. Ray claims there will be much to discuss as we move forward and his blog will not focus strictly on Washington but will also delve into State and Local issues as well. There is so much going on and so little factual sources of information to rely on.

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  1. Great article. Candace is an inspiration to us all, and you’ve done her the justice she deserves. Thank you.

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