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‘Put Down The Bong’: Sen. Kennedy Blasts Biden As ‘Woker In Chief’


Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana tore into President Joe Biden as “Woker-in-Chief” during a Friday afternoon Fox News appearance.

“Well, it is not exactly a news flash that President Biden has appointed thousands of uber-wokers to his administration. Wokers are easy to recognize. They hate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Suess and Mr. Potato Head,” Kennedy told guest host Trace Gallagher. “Wokers respect no one’s opinion but their own. Wokers think that America was wicked when it was founded and it’s more wicked today. They think that most Americans, ordinary Americans are ignorant, are racist and misogynistic. Now, the wokers think they are the only smart, virtuous people in our country.”



“Now, this has been encouraged by President Biden. President Biden is the woker in chief,” Kennedy continued. “The people of Georgia, for example, decided that they don’t want to have an election month anymore. They want to have an Election Day. President Biden called them racists. The people of Florida decided that they don’t want government officials talking to their 5-year-old children about their sexuality. President Biden said they’re bigots.”

The Biden administration attacked Georgia’s election integrity law enacted in 2021, labeling it “Jim Crow 2.0,” and slammed Florida’s parental-rights law passed in March of this year.

“Wokers are entitled to their opinion but they’re not entitled to use the power of the federal government to force banks and businesses to agree with them. And they do that every day on issues like guns, like the Second Amendment, like racial quotas,” Kennedy said. “What I told the bankers, the CEOs, was they should – if they disagree with the wokers, they should go to Amazon, buy a spine online and push back. Because they have the right to do that as Americans.”

Kennedy also blasted the Biden administration as being out of touch due to its portrayal of the state of the economy.

“I think President Biden is trying to convince the American people that inflation, given how high it is, given the fact that people’s 401(k)s are crashing, that that somehow means the economy is just fine and the White House needs to put down the bong. The American people don’t believe that.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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  1. Woke-ism is the result of the Frankfurt School Strategy( Critical Theory) applied to our children by Marxist professors and the media. The Frankfurt School Strategy of convincing minority groups they have been oppressed by the majority creates a hatred for the country, culture and makes the country and culture ripe for replacement by Marxist ideology. The colleges and universities have to be held accountable. The administrations and teachers unions are Marxists. They are winning this.

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