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Convention Of The States

What exactly the Convention of the States?  In light of our current political situation, with big government growing even bigger, combined with the presiding president weaponizing departments within his jurisdiction, there should be no question that we need to pull the chord on the deep state and restore our Constitution.

Some of the issues related to and not being addressed by the current president and his administration include but are not limited to: CRT in all aspects of our country including our military, education -the overreach of the teachers union, destruction and rewriting history, outright lying, the open southern border thereby allowing into our country terrorists, criminals, pedophiles, drug cartels with dangerous  Fentanyl imported by China, inflation, government spending, dismantling our Constitution, taxation, weaponizing the government and so on. So what can we, the American people, can do to stop it?

Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution gives the states power to call a Convention of the States.  Thirty-four states are required to call a Convention of the States and 38 states are needed to ratify any amendments.  There is nothing the federal government can do to stop the Convention of States, but that doesn’t mean they won’t use any avenue available to try.  The Convention of States is a peaceful way to put an end to tyranny.

The whole purpose behind Article V is to stop Government overreach. It was put in place by the founding for fathers to address the situation we are currently experiencing in a peaceful manner.

There is an application for each state to apply for a Convention of the States under Article V. Application model:  https://conventionofstates.com/files/model-convention-of-states-application/download

Mark Meckler is the President of the Convention of States Foundation & Convention of States Action (COSA) which has over 5 million supporters and activists, representing every state legislative district in the nation. Mark has a law degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

The mission of COSA is “to restore a culture of self-governance in America and to curtail federal overreach. COSA’s primary focus in accomplishing this mission is using a limited Article V Convention to propose constitutional amendments which would place limits on the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints and place term limits on federal officials.”

Government control has been festering for decades. Sadly, Covid expedited the situation as a means to control the masses.   Although the deep state has escalated and accelerated its agenda, make no mistake, they are detrimental to our Republic and everything the majority of Americans stand for.

Alliances currently exist between the far left and the media, teachers’ unions, corporations, social media, and so on. Every aspect of your life is currently being trampled upon by people who believe they know what is best for you and your family. They do not believe in freedom, they are indoctrinating your children, they don’t believe in nor do they want any Christian values anywhere in the world. The Deep State, the Great Reset, and the far left participants are working overtime to prevent any digression of their goals worldwide, however, the Convention cannot be reached by their tentacles here in the United States.

Beware, as more and more Americans become aware of the Convention it also becomes more of a threat to the left; they will use any means necessary to downplay it or discredit its use. The Convention of the States is something that the federal government has no control over and they don’t want you, the American people, to be in favor of it. It is a peaceful way to put an end to some of their far-left agendas that they are currently implementing under the disguise of tolerance, green energy, abortion, Ukraine, and so on.

Prominent endorsers of the Convention of the States include Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Senator Rand Paul, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sean Hannity, Senator Ben Sasse, Dr. James Dobson, Pete Hegseth, and Gov. Mike Huckabee.

For more information on the Convention of States or to get involved in your state go to: https://conventionofstates.com

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Gina Aveni

Gina is a Journalist, Constitutional Rights Activist, Conservative Commentator.

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  1. This article, Convention of States, greatly misconstrues the Article V process it is promoting, as well as making misleading and inaccurate statements. Firstly, rather than the States having control, once the convention is called, the States are limited to proposing amendments. Article 1, Section 8, clause 18 of the Constitution gives to Congress the power to make all laws that are necessary and proper to organize and run the convention. The delegates to the convention are most likely to be chosen by Congress (Congressional Research Services April 11, 2014). It is not within the states’ powers to decide on delegate numbers or members. It is the Congress that has the authority to make the rules and control the convention.
    The States have not used article V for any of the twenty-seven Constitutional amendments in the nation’s history. The first and only use of a “convention of states”, which the founders called a Constitution Convention was when the delegates went against the specific instructions of both the Continental Congress and the several states, and instituted an entirely new system of government.
    Rather than favoring such a process as another Constitution Convention the Founders warned of its usage. James Madison, for example, wrote: “Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the first Convention, which assembled under every propitious circumstance, I should tremble for the result of a Second.”
    See: James Madison’s letter of Nov.2,1788 to Turberville
    Unfortunately, contrary to what is stated in the article, the tentacles of the globalists are already deeply involved in the push for a convention of states. Globalist George Soros’s Open Society has contributed more than $2,201,500 to the progressive American Constitution Society to foster a “progressive” constitution on the United States of America. See: Aaron Klein, George Soros assault on U.S. Constitution, 2011. https://www.wnd.com/2011/03/280277/
    Soros also funds The Young Turks and Wolf PAC which lobby state legislators for progressive programs, including the constitutional convention under the pretense of limiting political funding.
    See: Bruce Parker, May 6, 2014.

    Common sense informs us that since the present Constitution has not been followed, a new constitution will not be followed either. Our existing constitution is not the problem: the problem is that the Congress, courts, and federal agencies have not.

    We have witnessed the intimidation of our legislators and courts by the Communist organizations of Antifa and Black Lives Matter these last two years. What is to prevent the intimidation of convention delegates should the Globalist-Communist axis push for a Socialist-Communist document ?
    Given today’s divided nation, now is a dangerous time to experiment with this nation’s cornerstone of liberty.

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