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Why Donald Trump Should Not Be Our Nominee

CDN Editor’s Note: In an effort to present all views, we published this article as well as an opposing one. We don’t want CDN to become as biased as Twitter, Facebook, CNN, etc so we are willing to present views with which we may not agree.

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Let’s get this part out of the way: former President Donald Trump’s policies were effective. He had this country in great shape on any level you can measure, at least until COVID-19 came along, something that can’t be blamed on him.

I personally defended him and actively promoted his re-election — but he absolutely cannot be the Republican nominee again.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Trump would turn 80 during his term. While he does not currently appear to be in cognitive decline, who knows about a few years from now? And he’s not exactly in great physical shape, either.
  2. He will be a lame duck on day one. The 22nd Amendment will prohibit his re-election. Realistically, he will have only a year or so to get anything done. Is this seriously the scenario Republicans want? An octogenarian lame duck? We have one of those now, effectively.
  3. Given the circus-like, perpetually chaotic atmosphere that Trump seems almost to promote, what senior people would be willing to serve in his administration? Add to that the fear of almost immediately attracting the attention of our weaponized justice system, and you have a recipe for a cabinet full of third-string draft choices and attention-seekers.
  4. He has no political discipline and makes too many unforced errors. It’s tough enough for any Republican when the media and the entire Washington establishment are aligned against you. Why give them grist for their mill? I fully appreciate that Trump’s bumptious and combative nature sometimes served him well when doing battle with the press room, but engaging with Rosie O’Donnell? C’mon.
  5. Trump’s lack of discipline extends to his personal life. While most of the attacks on him were blatant fabrications, he’s just not what one would call a paragon of character, either. I and many others were willing to grin and bear these flaws for the sake of outstanding policy, but America deserves a president who brings both policy and character to the job.
  6. I fully believe Trump ran the first two times to be of service to his country, particularly the working class. Ego played a large role, but his commitment to country was sincere. This time, I’m not so sure. He seems more motivated to avenge what he believes happened in the last election than anything else. And yes, a lot of bad stuff went down, but that’s not what I want motivating my party’s candidate. Time to look forward, not back.
  7. We might lose. Yes, Trump brought a lot of new voters to the polls, particularly working class whites. But he also motivates the other side like no one in history. Right now, Democrats are dispirited and functionally leaderless. That changes overnight if Trump is the nominee.
  8. We have other great candidates! Unlike the Democrats, the GOP has a deep bench. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the obvious choice. He has all of Trump’s good qualities — the policies, the combativeness — but he also has both personal and political discipline. And there are others: Tom Cotton, Tim Scott and Josh Hawley all come to mind. These are all serious people with conviction, experience and character.

There’s risk, of course. A bloody primary may hurt the GOP’s chances in the general. But this is a chance we must take. It’s time to thank Trump for his service and move on.

Scott Johnston (@sjohnston60 on Twitter) is the author of the satiric novel “Campusland” as well as the Naked Dollar website.

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Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact licensing@dailycallernewsfoundation.org

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  1. You have some good points, but the only other person in which you mentioned that would be good enough is Ron DeSantis. we need new blood not this same old same old that have been playing games and making money off We The People!!

  2. President Trump absolutely should run again, especially if I Biden is their candidate. Trump would win by a landslide, though a landslide now is just that center 10%. The entrenched leftist would still vote for Biden.

    Your article actually has some good points as to why he should run.
    He is a lame duck. As a lame duck with nothing to lose, President Trump would be a beautiful thing to watch, as point 6 manifested itself in the wholesale house cleaning of the entrenched bureaucratic deep state, He spoke about the deep state before, but didn’t really do anything about it. But now, a combative {Point 4), lame duck with nothing to lose and a lot of justified anger at the deep state, some heads will roll.

  3. There are too many people that do not care for Trump even on the conservative side and we would be cutting our throats to run somebody that many republicans would not get out and vote for and that gives the libs more power and advantage. then you throw in the voting atrocities and where does that leave us. He is too big of a risk although
    he would be good. Could still be used in powerful positions to accomplish great things for America. We have other great men not so controversial.

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