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To Be Woke Is To Be Violent

As with all things on the political left, woke people need violence to get their way, because most thinking, reasonable people reject their totalitarian policies and practices, which makes violence a prerequisite to the implementation of woke policy.

Below are a few forms of violence practiced by the woke fools on the political left:

Violence against language:
The re-definition of the English language allows the woke population to rail and spew at those of us who use words correctly. “Birthing people’ and “chest feeding” along with insisting that men can birth children and have periods, are just some examples of the most destructive of the woke lexicon, which is committing violence against the entire population of non-woke Americans.

Violence against democracy:
Wokesters claim that certain Supreme Court Justices should be hunted down and killed because these justices found abortion to be not covered by the United States constitution, a situation that is contrary to leftist dogma. The packing of the Supreme Court is another of the left’s violence against Americans and our traditions of separate and equal branches of government. And of course the political left insists that illegal aliens must be given the vote as soon as they have invaded our nation, which is violence against actual Americans and their rights.

Violence against American citizens:
The woke among us have no reluctance to blame conservatives for all of the ills America is suffering under the radical and destructive Biden administration. Republicans are repeatedly called racists and homophobes who readily collude with Russia.

Violence against civilization:
All American statues must be torn down and founding documents must be destroyed because of the woke traditions of calling anything they disagree with racist and imperialist, which they falsely allege is how American was founded. And of course schools having the names of presidents must be renamed to remove the taint of racism associated with white, male leadership. These leftist traditions are how all totalitarian takeovers by the political left have been handled, with massive violence and misery accompanying these dictatorships.

Violence against education:
Critical Race Theory is the left’s chosen handling of the indoctrination of children into the woke politician’s hate of America and the destructive division of our nation. And sex-conversions are a favorite subject that too many woke teachers use to get control of our innocent children and wrap them into the hate and misery of the political left.

Violence against science:
The very weak and non-deadly pandemic (covid) has finally nearly faded from our news reports, and then poof!, Joey Biden, the man who promised that getting vaxxed and boosted would assure that you would never get the disease, which this fool old man has now contracted, after being thoroughly “immunized” from the disease, drops the covid bomb on us. We’re now being told that all children over six months old must be vaccinated, even though no one is dying of the latest variant, especially young children, and the mandates that children must be vaccinated comes in spite of the reports of health problems following vaccinations being on the increase. This forced vaxxing of Americans, particularly the young and immune, is violence similar to what Stalin used against the Ukrainians in the 1930s, but now Americans are the recipients of this latest leftist tyranny.

And finally we come to actual, in-person physical violence like the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Republicans at a ballpark in 2017 and the more recent leftist crazy man who tried to kill Lee Zelden as he was campaigning for the governorship of New York State. These are examples of up-close-and-personal violence that woke, leftist politicians are using right now, with little or no coverage from the woke main-stream press nor Biden’s DOJ. The Hitlerites are amongst us, and who knows who may be next to taste their violence.

And by the way, old Joey Biden is back in his basement once again, just like he was during the 2020 campaign for the presidency. When the going gets tough, old Joey retreats to his basement for a long summer’s nap, while the rest of us try to continue living under his dictatorial rule and his endless executive orders and mandates.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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