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There’s Something Odd About President Biden’s Schedule

I’ve been publishing and commenting on presidential schedules for years, and there’s something not quite right about President Biden’s recent daily itineraries.

A few weeks ago, he postponed his trip to the middle-east and his staff said, “he needed rest.” That is the worst thing that could be said about a president. The presidency is hard. That person is the leader of the free world and holds the futures of every American citizen in his hands. Taking a week off is not an option. Why didn’t they say, “he decided it was more important to work on taking everyone’s guns away,” or “he’s strategizing with Senate Democrats on how to kill babies,” or “he’s finalizing some executive actions to screw working families out of their paychecks?” Anything would have been better than ‘he’s too tired to do his job.’

Once Biden finally made the trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia, it was one disaster after another. He did nothing, got nothing, and is now perceived in the middle-east as … nothing.

After his return last Saturday night/Sunday morning, he took two “rest days.” His public schedule on Monday and Tuesday showed only that he received the president’s daily brief – nothing else – nope, nothing, for TWO WHOLE DAYS.

Then on Wednesday, he received the same brief and flew to Rhode Island to scold Americans on climate change. That was it – his whole day was giving a speech no one wanted to hear.

Thursday, yesterday, is where things got even worse for Biden. He was scheduled to give a speech on gun control and attend a very friendly DNC fundraiser before heading to Delaware for a 5-day vacation after a week of doing nothing. That would have been bad enough, but, at Noon on Thursday, he popped positive for the COVID. His keepers canceled his anti-gun sermon, DNC appearance, and trip home. Couldn’t he still have gone to Delaware and isolated at home? Why the need to coup him up in the White House? Unless they need an environment that is easy for them to control and prevent him from talking to anyone… about anything… ever.

I was going to wait to write this until I had more, but honestly, I can’t. Everyone knows Biden is in age-related mental decline. It’s why we probably shouldn’t elect 70+-year-old people to the highest office in the land. This time, the country put someone in office that was already declining and those in his party are surprised that it didn’t go well.

There is no way to know what Biden’s handlers will do next. The Weekend at Biden’s approach is going to work for only so long. Perhaps that’s why Jen Psaki pulled the ejection handle and headed to media obscurity recently. Biden’s puppet masters have to prop their slumping creature up somehow, but the options are dwindling and the public outcry will be damning once the charade fails.

Worse than all of this is that the person “one heartbeat from the presidency” is of awful character and even worse political instincts. The idea of ‘President Harris’ should make anyone want to vomit – regardless of political ideology.

This will affect the Democratic Party for decades, but they did it to themselves.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I think we tread a slippery slope when saying we should not vote for anyone over 70. I think it needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis; compare for example, Trump and his energy level to Biden and we see 70 does not mean the same for all. They are in essence putting him back in the basement while they continue their endeavor to squash a rerun by Trump and plan the fourth Obama term of office with Michelle. Despite protestations to the contrary, I believe this is a way to foist a progressive agenda including an aggressive, black agenda.

  2. I’m in agreement with the author on the age issue. No more 70 or 80-somethings need to be running the country. Reagan’s second term was plagued by this issue and Biden is a full-on demonstration of why not.

    Maybe I’m one of those soccer mom’s they always talk about. I much prefer DeSantis who is younger and amazingly good at implementing policy without antics. It’s like getting all the good policy stuff Trump did without the baggage.

    The schedule thing is … something else. No one else has strung all the different pieces together like this and it paints a much different picture than the TV news does.

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