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DHS Secretary: ‘The Border is Secure’

You can say a lot of things about our southern border but the a word no one should use is ‘secure’.  DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in his infinite wisdom, said just that: The southern border is safe and secure. https://nypost.com/2022/07/21/alejandro-mayorkas-secure-border-claim-a-lie-cbp-official/ You would have to be totally incompetent to make such a claim amidst the vast influx of undocumented illegal immigrants pouring into this country on a daily basis. This a threat to security of the United States; it is an invasion and we have an administration who condones it and fails to recognize their actual job is to protect our country — not destroy it.

Many of these people are coming from countries all around world. In February of this year there were apprehensions from Pakistan, Syria, China, Eritrea, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Since Biden took office 42 people on the terrorist watchlist have been apprehended. Hundreds of thousands of illegals are successfully evading border patrol. Jeh Johnson who was DHS Secretary under Obama said that 1,000 apprehensions at the border per day was a ‘crisis.’ https://www.independentsentinel.com/as-20k-in-one-caravan-head-north-obama-dhs-chief-says-its-a-crisis/  The Biden administration refuses to  lift a finger to deal with the clear and blatant attack on our country.

Border Patrol, along the southern border, is dealing with a devastating  number of migrants from India, Turkey and Russia. Many fly to Mexico, where a visa is not required, then seek asylum at U.S. ports of entry.  In May of this year “there were 2,438 migrants from India apprehended, a 55% increase from April. There were 2,310 migrants from Turkey apprehended, a 51% increase from April.There were 3,394 migrants from Russia apprehended, a 102% increase from April.”https://www.deseret.com/u-s-world/2022/6/17/23172619/cbp-arrest-data-how-many-migrants-are-crossing-the-us-mexico-border-illegal-immigration-haiti-cuba

Some of these people are subject to human trafficking at the mercy of the cartels that control the borders along TX, AZ, CA. Fifty three people crossing from Mexico and Central America were found dead in a tractor trailer in San Antonio. Gerson Fuentes was charged with the rape of a 10-year-old girl in Ohio. Fuentes is a Guatemalan illegal immigrant, according to ICE. Rather then address the rape of a child by an illegal immigrant members of the Biden administration used this as a political issue regarding abortion rights.

Tax payers, you, those of you who work and pay taxes are paying for all the illegal immigrants flooding into this country. Tax payers are paying $134.9 billion a year to Illegal immigrants  for education, medical expenses, law enforcement and welfare. According to a detailed analysis done by the Federation of Immigration Reform (FAIR) revealed, “state and local taxpayers get stuck with an overwhelming chunk—$116 billion—of the burden. State and local expenditures for services provided to illegal aliens total $88.9 billion and federal expenditures $45.8 billion, the analysis found. For those who claim illegal immigrants contribute by paying taxes, government figures show that only $19 billion was recouped by Uncle Sam.” https://www.judicialwatch.org/illegal-immigration-costs-u-s-taxpayers-stunning-134-9-billion-year/


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Gina Aveni

Gina is a Journalist, Constitutional Rights Activist, Conservative Commentator.

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One Comment

  1. The Democrats have long ago decided that, rather than try to defend any their policies, they will simply lie and lie some more in the belief that a lie told often enough eventually becomes “the truth”. To say that “the border is secure” is a lie beyond belief as millions of illegals; including criminals, cartels, terrorists, and the Chinese made fentanyl that kills over a hundred thousand Americans every year, pour into our no longer sovereign country. It’s getting so bad that even the Democratic mayors of New York City and D.C. are complaining that they don’t have the resources to take care of all the illegals, even though they have declared themselves “sanctuary” cities!
    The other biggest lie is the President (with the utmost vigor) proclaiming that “white supremacy is the biggest threat to the Homeland”. That, while we see with our own eyes Democrat cities across the U.S. descend into third world hell holes because of their “defund the police” and “no bail” policies. Policies of course, started by the race baiting grifters of BLM who are avowed Marxists, anti-white, anti-family, and anti-Christian. That information was easily available by Googling BLM (since taken down) but it seems that the millions of people and all the “woke” corporations that donated 90 million dollars to BLM didn’t bother to look.
    So it remains to be seen whether the Democrats will be thrown out completely in this year’s mid-terms or whether there are enough low information, apathetic voters to believe the Democrat’s lies and destroy our Republic through their ignorance.

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