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The Greatest Distraction On Earth Is About To Begin — Brought To You By Nancy Pelosi


There’s a reason House Democrats waited until the pinnacle of election season to hold public hearings on Jan. 6.

Democrats face a cataclysmic job review from the American people in just five short months. President Joe Biden’s approval rating is flailing, economic growth has ground to a halt, and American families are reeling from the Left’s failed agenda for the nation. Election Day will be Judgment Day for the Democrats.

In one final feeble attempt to distract Americans from their abysmal performance in the majority, House Democrats have shamelessly prepared a prime time courtroom-style drama for the American people that fails to address any of the issues that matter. Under failed Democrat leadership, there will be no important hearings on the border crisis, Bidenflation, gas prices, the crime surge or the baby formula shortage.

Democrats instead want to attack their political opponents and the tens of millions of Trump voters across the U.S. There will be no factually-based presentation of what happened on Jan. 6 because Democrats have opted for the theatrically-based alternative.

Emotion-filled partisan talking points will drown out legitimate questions. The greatest threat to the committee’s agenda is dissent. You will find very little, if any, during their wall-to-wall dramatic performances. Kangaroo Courts are easier if the Pelosi robots who administrate the proceedings are on the same side.

Democrats had an opportunity to conduct a reasonably bipartisan investigation of Jan. 6.

Republicans have important questions about that day too, questions Democrats undoubtedly don’t want raised during their scripted monologues. Why is Nancy Pelosi’s office the only office off-limits to the investigation? Why, during one of the most consequential proceedings of our Republic, was the Capitol not properly protected? Who placed a bomb outside the headquarters of the Republican National Committee? Why was the U.S. Capitol Police left so ill-prepared!?

These questions will not be posed during the sham hearings. Democrats and their puppets will do everything to ensure that the proceedings will be strictly controlled and not stray from the predetermined narrative; asking questions like these could thwart the committee’s agenda.

Nowhere was this more clearly demonstrated than when Nancy Pelosi booted serious fact-finders, Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, from the January 6th Select Committee leaving only vocally anti-Trump Republicans Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney on it. There is not a single Republican appointed Member of this illegitimate and unconstitutional committee.

Selective leaks and primetime interviews have epitomized the committee’s intentions in the months leading up to their public hearings. They have chosen to hold court in the media, hiring left-wing media executives to produce their primetime charade and parade their narrative across Americans’ screens.

Why don’t real Republicans get to ask Democrats tough questions about Jan. 6? Because that would undermine their desperate far-Left narrative.

Republicans would also love to ask Democrats why they aren’t doing anything to solve the mounting crises they’ve ignored during their tenure in the majority. Americans may casually tune into the televised spectacle, but they will soon quickly forget when they struggle to pay their grocery bill and fill up their car later that day.

House Democrats have no agenda for Americans, no real solutions to the problems that we face on a daily basis. Democrats are scrambling to change the headlines, praying the nation will focus on their partisan witch-hunt instead of our pocketbooks.

Republicans have a vision for America — one that will lift up families across the nation and offer real solutions on issues that matter. We are ready to lead with the unity that Democrats promised but failed to produce. We’re ready to deliver an agenda for the American people to unleash American energy, lower food prices for consumers nationwide, squash the rising tide of inflation and reignite the American dream.

Alternatively, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have chosen to present a warped, theatrical-style presentation of vindictiveness as their closing argument to the American people. You won’t have to drive to the theater to see this summer blockbuster box office flop; it will be pumped into your home, flashed across your computer screens and shoved down your throat.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Thanks to the actors in this production, most of America can’t afford the gas to get there anyway.

Elise Stefanik is the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference and represents New York’s 21st Congressional District. 

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  1. Largely agree with this post, but think the Piglouse needs to shut her piehole. When is Paul’s court date? American people see through this octogenarian shiteshow – two drunken shams. She is toast. Kick that ho back to Baltimoe.


  3. This is not the only distraction going on. Did anyone really want to see the Heard/Depp trial ? Seriously ? No. unless of course you are just that star struck, but most people worried more about gas bills and groceries than that.
    These numerous distractions also take our attention off of who is REALLY running the show.
    How many of us paid attention to the World Economic Forum meeting that recently happened ? How many of us know what the meeting was about ? Their slogan this spring was “You will own nothing and you will be happy”, more recently they talked about how they are poised on the brink of changing the worlds economy to a “Digital” format.
    If you notice all the little pieces then you can put together what is really going on, the entire intent is to crash our economy then they can swoop in and say they have a “solution”, so in other words, they are both the cause and the cure.
    BUT, in order for them to “Cure” us we have to give up our sovereignty and hand over everything to them.
    Anyone else think it’s funny that Switzerland is where they had these meetings, and it also the country that developed a “Chip” that can be implanted in your hand or other places, this chip contains ALL your information. Don’t believe me ? Look it up, the information is there you just have to look for it.

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