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Chinese Media Hypes Xi’s Defiance Of Biden


  • China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin discussed a number of issues during a phone call on Wednesday, according to Chinese state-run media, Xinhua.
  • Xi and Putin agreed to work together to establish global “multipolarity” during the call, according to Xinhua.
  • Despite multiple attempts by the Biden administration to convince Beijing to abandon the Kremlin following the invasion of Ukraine, Xi and Putin signaled their intention to deepen strategic cooperation, Xinhua reported. 

Chinese state-run media hyped General Secretary Xi Jinping’s defiance of President Joe Biden after a Wednesday phone call between China and Russia’s leaders.

China’s Xi and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin reportedly discussed a range of issues including security, trade and diplomatic coordination during a phone call Wednesday afternoon, Chinese state-run media outlet, Xinhua, reported. Despite multiple attempts by the Biden administration to convince Beijing to distance itself from the Kremlin following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Xi and Putin still reportedly reaffirmed their intention for broad strategic cooperation during Wednesday’s discussions, agreeing to work together to establish global “multipolarity” in defiance of the existing U.S.-led international order.

While discussing the “Ukraine issue,” Xi reportedly maintained that China would not directly intervene to stop the war, but rather told Putin that “all parties” should “promote the appropriate resolution of the Ukraine crisis in a responsible manner,” according to a Daily Caller News Foundation translation.

Liu Pengyu, spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy, told TheDCNF that China desires a political solution for the war in Ukraine.

“China is not a party directly related to the issue, but it has been committed to promoting peace talks and playing a constructive role in pursuing peaceful settlement of the crisis. It is China’s consistent belief that the Ukraine crisis can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiation,” Liu said. “China supports all efforts that are conducive to easing the situation and political settlement.”

Biden administration officials have repeatedly implored China not to help Russia, with little to no success.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, the Biden administration shared intelligence with Beijing, seeking to convince China to help the U.S. avert a war. However, in response, Beijing leaked the U.S. intelligence to the Kremlin, The New York Times reported.

Similarly, although Biden told Xi that China would suffer “consequences” in March 2022 if Beijing helped the Kremlin with its war, China continues to purchase Russian oil and bought $13.13 billion worth in the first 100 days of the conflict, the Centre for Research On Energy and Clean Air reported. China and Russia also continue to hold military drills together, and bombers from the two nations flew a joint mission together near Japan while Biden was visiting Tokyo in May.

“China and Russia have no choice but to jointly resist NATO’s all-round suppression through close strategic coordination, and further maintain the balance of the global strategic situation,” Cui Heng, an assistant research fellow from the Center for Russian Studies of East China Normal University, told the Global Times.

Cui also told Global Times that the phone call underscored the “deep personal friendship” Xi and Putin have shared for more than a decade, noting that today is the Chinese dictator’s birthday.

Xi and Putin’s phone call comes five months after the two heads of states reportedly established a “no limits” partnership on the first day of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 4. Beijing has since reportedly sought to balance its desire for a strategic partnership with the Kremlin against the possibility of incurring international sanctions for openly supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

During the Wednesday phone call, Putin reportedly “congratulated” Xi on China’s “development achievements,” Xinhua reported. Putin reportedly stated that Russia opposed “interference in China’s internal affairs,” signaling that Russia supported the Chinese government’s positions on Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Russian Embassy and the White House did not respond immediately to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

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