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Trump: US-China Trade Talks Are ‘Back On Track’ After G20 Meeting

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

The U.S. and China fulfilled expectations that the countries would agree to resume trade talks after President Donald Trump met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, Tuesday. “We discussed a lot of things, and we’re right back on track,” Trump told reporters according to The New York Times. Trump said the U.S. would not ...

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Trump Announces Trade Summit With Chinese President Xi

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday to confirm reports that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold a summit at Mar-a-Lago following successful trade talks between U.S. and Chinese officials. “I am pleased to report that the U.S. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with China on important structural issues including intellectual property protection, technology transfer, ...

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No New Tariffs: Trump Wins Trade War With China

Donald Trump success

U.S. President Donald Trump was able to extract a number of concessions from Chinese President Xi Jinping in exchange for not imposing any new tariffs on Chinese goods. Trump reached a major agreement while meeting with the world’s top leaders over the weekend. At the G-20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Trump and Xi spoke for two and a half ...

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Watch: President Trump Has Working Dinner with the President China [video + transcript]

President Donald Trump and President Xi of China had a working dinner together Saturday in which they hoped to resolve the trade issues between the two nations. The menu for the dinner: First Course Seasonal Vegetable Salad with Basil Mayonnaise Dressing and a Parmesan Emulsion Catena Zapata Adrianna White Stones Chardonnay 2009 Main Course Grilled Sirloin with red onions, goat ricotta, and ...

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Trump Effect: China blinks on U.S. trade restrictions

President Xi Jinping of China suggested that China would make the Chinese market more accessible to U.S. imports after weeks of tough talk from U.S. President Donald Trump. Mr Xi said Beijing will “significantly lower” tariffs on car imports this year and ease restrictions on foreign ownership in the car industry “as soon as possible”. He also promised to expand ...

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Watch: Trump and Xi talk of ‘shared interests’ and ‘prosperity’ in joint statements

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping of China both spoke Thursday of cooperation and common interests during joint statements from Beijing. “Our respective success serves the common interests of both countries,” President Xi said. “For China and the United States, win-win cooperation is the only right choice and the pathway toward a better future.” During Trump’s visit, over $250 ...

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President Trump’s Schedule for Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Wounded warrior soldier ride

Starting Thursday, the next few days will be mostly consumed by President Trump’s bilateral meetings with China’s President Xi Jinping. The president will start Thursday by hosting participants of the Wounded Warrior Ride which is a four-day bike ride in the D.C.-Metro area that uses cycling to bring together veterans from across the country as a sort of physical and mental ...

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