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[WATCH] Dave Chappelle ATTACKED On Stage For Joking About LGBT Community

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After the Will Smith fiasco, this was all but inevitable. Society is already filled with a bunch of over-sensitive losers, and now that they got the greenlight to physically assault anyone free of consequence – Smith stayed in the theater and was awarded an Oscar later that night! – it was only a matter of time before other comedians faced the wrath of psycho cretins.

The assault on Chappelle took place toward the end of his routine at the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the lunatic was a twenty-three-year-old man by the name of Isahah Lee, held on just $30,000 bail for assault with a deadly weapon. He was allgedly carrying a replica gun that ahd the abilty to eject a knife blade.

The idea that a violent stranger can attempt to harm, potentially kill, someone else and get just a $30,000 bail is asinine. Welcome to California, and Los Angeles specifically.


Here is a clip of the assault:

And here is a clip of the attacker once security was done with him:


Knowing that Chapelle is unscathed and that the criminal, at least for now, is behind bars, perhaps the best thing tio come out of this episode is the humouroius response from both Chapelle and fellow comedia Chris Rock, who knows something about being attacked in stage,

The Hollywood Reporter writes:


“Chappelle is seen to recover his composure and joke, “It was a trans man.” The joke was a reference to the ongoing controversy surrounding some of the comedian’s jokes in his Netflix specials that have been construed as transphobic.

[B]efore he was attacked, Chappelle had talked about needing more security after the controversy over his trans jokes.”


The Reporter goes on to note that “Chris Rock, who performed earlier in the evening, then came on stage and joked: “Was that Will Smith?

The fact that Chris Rock was at this event at all and was able to comment on another attacked on stage (dare I say, a staged attack) is perfect. Obviously the repsonse was perfect.

Amazingly, someone else ien the audience whom I just wrote about was there as well. Michelle Wolf, who is not at all funny, was apparently touring with these other heavyweights. Maybe there are funny female comedians in the world, but she isn’t one of them. Wolf, readers will recall, headlined the 2019 White House Correspondents’ Dinner and was so awful that the WHCA actually had to release a public statement distancing themselves from her disgusting and frequent use of curse words and sexually explicit references. 

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