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The Values Of Socialists? There’s No Such Thing…

The Blue State Conservative

Our society is under siege as its’ values are undermined by childlike social outcasts.  These people require the security of detailed instructions for attempting a normal citizen’s integration into mainstream life.  Unfortunately, they then feel they must create a new hierarchy for community control so that they feel included.

The twentieth century moved at incredible speed from horse and buggy to a moon landing.  It also reintroduced from revolutionary France a new community policy of communism as an answer to municipal poverty.  It is amusing that the “new left” movement is simply another rehash of their intellectual betters from two centuries ago.

The basic social structure of our country was still the family farm in 1900.  The farm usually contained three generations that mutually supported each other.  These values of hard work and no handouts created a societal foundation that led the world.  There were good and bad years as is the case in all agrarian societies.


But the main feature of this era was a common outlook and the expectation of betterment in the future and a strong belief in God and the Bible. This commonality was the experience of our founding fathers.  It has not functioned well since the late 19th century as the new religion of socialism has conquered all.

The societal changes began when the great migration into the cities for work began during WW1.  The factories provided a more secure financial basis for some workers than did many family farms.  The opportunities must have been greater otherwise no one would have changed their lives.

World War 2 revealed the ultimate strength of the society we had created.  Even the terrible depression had not ruined our ideals.  God, family, and country were the core of the country.  Our latent power became easily admired across the globe.  Unfortunately, the rot of the socialists had taken root in DC and while dormant, behind the scenes was still quite a potent force.

The strength released by the war was easily harnessed to create the boom times of the 50s and 60s.  The wealth created by the American citizen was incredible.  These men and women remembered only too well the struggles of the Depression-era and were not going to repeat it.  This ethic rebuilt the world and allowed a population growth unmatched in history.

The baby boomer children arrived and were given a lifestyle that their parents could never have dreamed about in their youth.  These boomers were truly spoiled like no others in history.  This led to an even more spoiled generation of children leading to crying little news girls on television.

College educations were now available to a segment of the population that was not even on the radar 25 years previously.  Unfortunately, the money showered upon the greedy academics clouded the mission of the institution.  Tuition money was necessary to expand so standards had to be lowered.


This allowed the rot to appear again. Socialism only thrives when there is a great deal of money in society to be wasted.  In this case, the impressionable children began to inhale quite a bit of foolish propaganda from an equally ridiculous professoriate.

These children of wealth then reared children of narcissism.  The kids today are the fruit of a plastic structured culture with no strength or resiliency   All fall into a line of perfectly adjusted everlasting mediocrity.   The psychiatric profession and drug manufacturers are enjoying incredible financial bounty as the neurotics, both parents and children, cannot adapt to a competitive society.  Not everyone gets a ribbon.


The world is too complex for their comprehension. Socialism is the creed that small dreary people adopt with the hope of finding a society that includes them.  They are supported by news accounts that make sense up to a 12-year-old’s intellectual level.  Social science doctorates within obscure areas of “studies” are handed out in the cafeteria line without upsetting these 12-year-olds.

Our campuses are filled with pathetic academics, outlining a second-class society paid for by your tax dollar loans. The students are eagerly absorbing drivel to fill this class. Their time is spent addressing unnecessary or insignificant issues.  Our institutions have devolved into cultural malignancies.

These graduates are the people that operate our government.  It is an undisciplined sphincter operated by the previously insignificant to the tune of their international employers. It is a sad comedy of clowns.  A frightening oppression descends upon us. This is the century of the vile academic class.


Can we create a new Sons of Liberty?

 The Madame

Still Knitting

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  1. No disinformation here. Great article, great truth. Our society has created a government that tries hard to convince us that they are doing us a favor by tying our hands, blindfolding our eyes and taping our mouths shut.

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