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The Left Isn’t About To Let Another Tragedy Go To Waste


President Joe Biden wasted no time exploiting the tragic deaths of at least 10 people in Buffalo, New York, in what appears to be a heinous, racially-motivated shooting of black shoppers in a grocery store by a vile white supremacist.

Leftists are trying to tie this evil Buffalo crime to former President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Fox News. Yet in the alleged shooter’s own rambling manifesto, he attacks Fox News for what he claims is Jewish leadership’s part of the “replacement theory” conspiracy.

The alleged shooter never mentions Carlson — either as an inspiration or anything else. In fact, the alleged Buffalo shooter rejects the U.S. conservative movement as corporatism, and embraces Leftist eco-fascism.

In Buffalo Tuesday, Biden claimed the alleged shooter’s white supremacy was driven by “A hate that through the media and politics, the Internet, has radicalized angry, alienated, lost, and isolated individuals into falsely believing that they will be replaced — that’s the word, ‘replaced’ — by the ‘other’ — by people who don’t look like them and who are therefore, in a perverse ideology that they possess and being fed, lesser beings.”

Biden previously tried to inject fear mongering into the 2022 elections by coining a new term of “Ultra MAGA” and calling Trump a “MAGA King,” but this has flopped as Republicans jokingly embrace the term, calling it hilarious.

Biden’s MAGA King even spawned a hilarious Lion King cartoon by artist Gary Varvel, comparing and contrasting Trump as the “MAGA King” to the “Lying King.”

The president tried to help Democrat Terry McAuliffe scaremonger with similar MAGA tags during McAuliffe’s Virginia race last year, but that failed terribly as well. Rival Glenn Youngkin’s victory illustrated the flop.

In Buffalo, he ignored Monday’s death of 11-year-old Kyhara Tay, accidentally shot during crossfire in broad daylight in The Bronx. Biden made no mention of Chicago’s weekend shootings that left at least 33 people shot, including five fatally.

That brings Chicago’s total homicides to 211 people so far in 2022, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. These deaths are just the normal course of business for Biden, who refuses to call out Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her reckless attacks on police. Biden refuses to speak out against weak district attorneys in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco who ignore victims’ rights, trample on justice and encourage more violence and looting.

Just as Biden tried to exploit the death of Heather Heyer, killed in the 2017 protests of Charlottesville, Virginia, these days, Biden never met a race-infused tragedy he didn’t want to exploit. The president used Heyer’s death to launch his 2020 presidential campaign, promising to “restore the soul” of the country, yet he’s done anything but that as crimes continue to skyrocket amid a climate of police hatred and feeble prosecutor anarchy.

Carrie Sheffield is the Tony Blankley Fellow for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism at The Steamboat Institute.

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