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Jack Brewer is a Man We Should Praise

Jack Brewer was an NFL player for four teams and forty games. He was undrafted probably because of his lack of height and weight. He may have been too small for the game of football, but he is a giant of a man. Brewer left football for the world of finance and then for the creation of the Jack Brewer Foundation. Jack Brewer is not a perfect man and has made his share of mistakes, but he has given himself to God and service to the young.

Since 2006, the Jack Brewer Foundation has helped populations worldwide combat extreme poverty and human rights challenges. The areas he has reached out to for those in need are Meals on Wheels, Maternal and Pediatric Health, Disaster Relief, and American Heroes/Pal. 

To date, JBF has delivered over $70 million in medical aid, supports over 35 orphan care centers, has helped deliver sports equipment to over one million underserved children, implements programs aimed at addressing fatherlessness in America’s hardest-hit black communities, and helps bring medical care to over 10,000 women and children around the world.

Jack Brewer has devoted his life to helping others. He has maximized the contacts he made in sports and finance to help those in need find a better path. That is not how Joy Reid of MSNBC sees it. She seized the opportunity her prime time show offered to defame Brewer and his work. There is a reason that her show consistently has the lowest ratings on mainstream media. Why she chose to attack Brewer is anyone’s guess, but it may cost her dearly.

The situation began when some of the children from one of Jack Brewer’s facilities appeared with Governor Ron DeSantis at a press event about the Parental Rights Bill DeSantis signed into Florida law. Reid Tweeted that the children were being used. “This mismisuse Black boys is tantamount to child abuse,” the MSNBC host of The ReidOut tweeted on the day the bill was signed while sharing a post from Democratic Florida state Senator Shevrin Jones that called the photo “indoctrination.”

Jones’ comment is ironic as the bill DeSantis signed involved the indoctrination of grade school children exposed to sensitive sexual topics in grades K-3. “I would really like to hear the back-story on who these kids were and how they wound up at a DeSantis event. Given how anti-Black DeSantis is, using Black children this way is extra sick,” Reid continued. In for a penny, in for a pound. Unfortunately for Reid, she did not think before she took to Twitter.

“Ms. Reid’s reckless statements placed these kids in danger. Certain people motivated by Reid’s comments are furiously trying to figure out their identities,” Mr. Brewer wrote to Ms. Reid, adding that he demanded a public apology by May 2nd.

In addition to the public apology, the former NFL star said during a series of interviews with Fox News hosts last week that a police report had been filed against the MSNBC host last week.

“When you put out to your 2.1 million followers to go find where my kids are and who they are and who brought them that’s a direct threat,” Mr. Brewer said while giving an interview on Fox and Friends with host Steve Doocy.

Joy Reid is supposed to be losing her time slot. That was announced in January but word is the Network is fearful of Racist claims should they cut her lose. They have to. Her viewership is down 51% from the initial year in 2020. She relies on controversy rather than facts or sound opinion. She is a hack who tries to stir up emotions, but her viewership is so low that there are not many emotions to stir. Maybe one of the court cases against her will fall the right way and the help wanted sign can go up to find her replacement.

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  1. Jack Brewer is a patriot, a true believer and an upstanding citizen of America. I am proud to call him a man I can trust. America needs him today more than ever. God bless Jack Brewer!

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