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Hunter Biden, Kenes Rakishev and the REAL plot to steal the 2016 election

A previously unpublished lawsuit filed in New York has revealed that Kenes Rakishev, a billionaire from Kazakhstan, sought to interfere in the 2016 presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Rakishev was allegedly seeking to smear Donald Trump while, at the same time, building a friendship with Hunter Biden and funneling money to a company owned by a Biden-family friend.

The bombshell allegations are laid out in a legal complaint filed in federal court at the Southern District of New York.

Felix Sater, a former senior advisor to Donald Trump, alleges that Rakishev was part of a Kazakh plot to interfere with the 2016 election. The lawsuit claims that Rakishev and his puppet master Karim Massimov, the former prime minister of Kazakhstan, were seeking to undermine Trump and win favor with Hilary Clinton.

It is not clear what involvement Joe Biden had in this campaign but a now infamous photograph of the President and Hunter Biden with Massimov and Rakishev makes it clear they were all very friendly.

Massimov was arrested in January and charged with treason after an attempted coup in Kazakhstan.

Recently leaked emails revealed that Rakishev had developed a close relationship with Hunter Biden, referring to the President’s son as “my brother!” and “my brother from another mother!”. They discussed doing business deals together, including a possible investment in a Nevada gold mine. Biden also arranged for Rakishev to invest $1 million with Alexandra Forbes Kerry, a film maker and daughter of former secretary of state John Kerry.

In addition, Rakishev’s company made a payment of $142,300 “for a car” to Rosemont Seneca Bohai, a company run by Devon Archer, a close friend and business partner of Hunter Biden. This transaction has been investigated by the US Senate, which observed that Devon Archer’s company did not sell vehicles. (In February, Archer was sentenced to one year in prison for defrauding a Native American tribe.)

According to the New York lawsuit, Sater was hired by BTA Bank, which is owned by Kenes Rakishev, to help recover billions of dollars stolen from the bank by its former owner Mukhtar Ablyazov. But Sater claims that this contract was just a front and the real reason the Kazakhs hired him was to attack Trump.

The lawsuit states: “The Kazakh plot against Sater was coordinated by Karim Massimov, Chairman of the Kazakh KGB and his henchman Kenes Rakishev, known in Kazakhstan as “Massimov’s Wallet.” During this time, Massimov and Rakishev were actively seeking influence with American politicians. In 2016, they believed that they would be rewarded for helping the Hillary Clinton campaign (who was considered certain to win the election) by smearing Sater and Trump. Massimov and Rakishev’s efforts to curry favor with prominent American politicians included lavishing money on Hunter Biden, who called Rakishev a ‘close friend’.”

Sater learned of this plot when the FBI released documents in January 2021 as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into supposed Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

Included in those documents was an “FBI 302” report of an interview with Christopher Steele, author of the infamous Trump-Russia dossier.

Steele reportedly showed the FBI a presentation written by Arcanum, a private investigations firm hired by BTA Bank, that made various allegations about Sater. It claimed that Sater was involved in corruption, dodgy business deals and organised crime. The implication in the Arcanum report was that Trump was involved in this criminality.

Steele told the FBI that Arcanum and its Kazakh paymasters hoped to manufacture a criminal RICO case against Sater and Trump.

The lawsuit states: “Sater was shocked to learn that the Kazakhs and Arcanum engaged him under the CAA [Confidential Assistance Agreement] in bad faith, never intending to pay under their contract. From the beginning, Arcanum (a private intelligence firm staffed by former officials from the Clinton administration) and their attorneys Boies Schiller (a Democratic Party law firm) intended to use the CAA as a pretext for gathering intelligence against Sater, with the intent of harming Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.”

The complaint goes further: “While Sater was helping the Kazakhs track down Ablyazov’s stolen money, FBI documents reveal that the Kazakhs were playing a double game, pretending to work with Sater while actually conducting an espionage operation against Sater. The Kazakhs’ objective was to illegally influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election by obtaining information from Sater to politically damage Donald Trump.”

The dirty dossier on Sater produced by the Kazakhs and Arcanum was passed on to the FBI, Department of Justice and various media channels, including Brian Ross at ABC News.

As Sater points out in his legal complaint, all of those involved in the plot to smear Trump were closely tied to the Democrats. Rakishev was close friends with Hunter Biden. Arcanum was run by former Clinton Administration people including Admiral Dennis C. Blair, John Hannah, and Calvin Humphrey. Boies Schiller, the law firm acting for BTA Bank, even had Hunter Biden on its books until 2014 and was founded by David Boies, who represented Al Gore in the Supreme Court during the Bush v Gore case to settle the 2000 election.

The lawsuit spells this out: “The Kazakh KGB had weaponized Arcanum and Boies Schiller against Sater and Trump. Their fraud resulted in the Kazakh KGB gaining access to confidential information about Sater, his contacts around the world, his dealings with Donald Trump, and many other subjects.”

Felix Sater has long been a key figure in the media’s obsession with Trump and Russia. Sater had worked with Trump since the early 2000s and was involved in Bayrock, the company that built the Trump Soho tower.

He was also trying to raise financing for a Trump tower in Moscow, which is one of the pieces of evidence frequently cited to support the theory that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. This theory was given further momentum by an email Sater wrote in 2015 (and leaked to the media) that claimed he could get Vladimir Putin to help Trump’s presidential campaign.

In reality, Sater says that he is regarded as an enemy in Russia because of his long collaboration with US intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

As the lawsuit explains: “Felix Sater is a legendary figure in the U.S. Intelligence Community. He is known for risking his life conducting espionage operations against North Korea, Taliban- controlled Afghanistan, al Qaeda, Russia and Russian hacking networks, including operations he executed on the ground in Russia and Afghanistan.”

As part of his work with US intelligence, Sater secretly recruited the personal secretary of Mullah Omar (Osama Bin Laden’s protector in Afghanistan and a leader of the Taliban) as a US intelligence asset. Sater also worked with the FBI to take down two Russian cyber-criminal gangs, leading to nearly two-dozen convictions.

Sater brought his lawsuit against BTA Bank and the Kazakh Government in February as part of a long-running dispute with BTA, which has accused him of fraud. A judge dismissed Sater’s complaint in May but the argument laid out in the lawsuit still provides a first detailed account of the Kazakh plot to interfere with the US election.

So who is Kenes Rakishev? According to Felix Sater’s lawsuit, Rakishev was a go-between tasked with buying Hunter Biden’s loyalty. The Kazakh businessman is estimated to be worth about $1 billion and has a reputation for befriending some unpleasant characters.

Sater’s lawyers give a short summary of Rakishev’s background in their legal filing: “Rakishev is reputed to have raped underage girls in Russia and organized “no holds barred” fighting contests involving eight-year-old children. The Russian authorities refused to investigate these crimes because Rakishev was under Massimov’s protection and also because Rakishev’s father-in-law (Imangali Tasmagambetov), Kazakhstan’s ambassador to Russia, intervened to stop the investigation.”

Among Rakishev’s friends are a number of ruthless individuals, including a Kazakh criminal who helped to orchestrate a violent insurrection in January. The businessman is also close to Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s Chechen Republic. Kadyrov has been linked to human rights abuses and accused of crimes against humanity.

Rakishev is a frequent visitor to Chechnya and even paid for the actors Jean-Claude Van Damme and Hilary Swank to appear at the country’s independence day celebrations. Rakishev also helped to fund construction of Kadyrov’s palace in Grozny. Kadyrov has described the Kazakh billionaire as his “dear brother”.

Ramzan Kadyrov is regarded as one of Vladimir Putin’s most loyal warlords and has been sighted in Ukraine, taking part in the Russian invasion. Kadyrov’s involvement in the attack on Ukraine has led to speculation that Rakishev could face US sanctions given his close relationship and financial support of the tyrant.

Rakishev’s business interests include Singulariteam, an Israeli investment firm founded with Moshe Hogeg. Rakishev is the chairman of Singulariteam while Hogeg is its co-founder.

In November, Hogeg was charged by the Israeli authorities with misleading investors, fraud and sex trafficking. He is alleged to have been part of a cryptocurrency fraud scheme that

“pocketed millions of shekels, while making false presentations to potential investors to invest in seemingly profitable ventures”, according to the Israeli police. Hogeg is suspected of 21 offences including money laundering, theft, fraud and sex trafficking.

Separately, a well-known Israeli model accused Hogeg of sexually assaulting her when she was 17. According to Israeli TV, Hogeg entered her hotel room and forced himself on her.

Given Kenes Rakishev’s history and friendships, Hunter Biden’s eagerness to ingratiate himself with the oligarch is yet another stunning lapse of judgement by the President’s son. Hunter Biden apparently saw an opportunity to make some money out of the billionaire Rakishev. Thanks to the Sater lawsuit, we now know what Rakishev saw in Hunter Biden: an opportunity to expand Kazakh political influence with the Democrats while simultaneously conspiring to interfere in the 2016 election by smearing Donald Trump.

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