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Debating An Abortionist? Here Are 5 Videos That DESTROY Every Single Argument

The Blue State Conservative

If we are being optimistic, then the original intent of the internet was to facilitate communication and the spread of ideas. In that regard, the ability to crowdsource information and be exposed to otherwise impossible-to-find ideas has been the greatest boon of the 21st century.

When it comes to the corporate media’s totalitarian control over the narative of abortion (i.e. murder, infanticide, etc.), it is safe to say that in the pre-internet days we wouldn’t have had access to some of the best ideas and arguments against it. If Joe Biden’s recent creation of the Ministry of Truth tells us anything, it’s that controlling access to information essentially means dictating how people think. You can’t know something if you don’t know it, right?

The looming threat of technocracy is both real and frightening, but the silver lining with the presence of ubiquitous internet is that a new generation of Americans is more equipped than ever before to see, hear, and read about the best countervailing arguments to the massive abortion industry and be able to assimilate these arugments into coherent truthbombs agains the radicalized feminists (along with their severely emasculated and pathetic male peers).

Over the last year, I have done a lot of soul searching and digging into the topic of abortion. As it turns out, YouTube offers no shortage of both intellectual and moral giants that rebut the spoonfed narrative that not only my generation grew up with, but the ones that came both before and after. 

In no particular order, here there are:

1. Liz Wheeler offers two fundamental questions to change the minds of pro-aborts.

2. Matt Walsh speaks at a conservative summit outlining the big picture picture of abortion – what it means for men, women, society, and our value of life.

3. Seth Gruber speaks for perhaps the best eleven minutes you’ll hear on the topic of eradicating infanticide from the world. These are all good videos, but he is able to break down the heart of the debate and provide clarity through analogy and moral precision.

4. Kristan Hawkins uses her question and answer forum to dismantle every position held by clueless college feminists. Side note: Maybe it’s just me, but I had never heard of Ms. Hawkins before just a few weeks ago. She suddenly appeared on my feed and she ios absolutely wonderful. Like I said, the internet has its perks.

5. Stephen Crowder takes a long-form approach to debating with and asking questions of pro-murder types. The video is long, but if you have the time to listen to his patient unpacking of deeply-held beliefs of these people, it’s well worth seeing how to have similar conversation with friends and family.

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