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You’d Better Be Quiet! Militant Black Lives Matter Now Embracing Full-Blown Marxism

The Blue State Conservative

Black Lives Matter has never been shy about its allegiance to the philosophy of Marxism. Whether we’re talking about the overall movement, or a local chapter, or the centralized organization known as the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF), their affection for the redistribution of wealth and disdain for capitalism has been well documented.

BLM detests all things American, not just our culture and law enforcement, and their devotion to Marxist ideology is reflected in a variety of positions. BLM unabashedly engages in class warfare with their calls for ‘economic justice.’ Like good communists, BLM promotes blatant disinformation with propaganda such as the 1619 Project. And just this week we’ve become aware of BLM’s devotion to militant censorship.

In a recent article from New York Magazine, which isn’t exactly a right-wing media outlet, author Sean Campbell details the financial hypocrisy at the highest levels of the movement: BLMGNF. While we were already aware of some of the shenanigans by the organization’s co-founder Patrisse Cullors – who was forced to resign last year when it was learned she owns four separate pieces of real estate worth more than $3 million – Campbell provides even more insight into the group’s financial excesses. And he also lifted the veil on their heavy-handed approach to people who disagree with them.


According to Campbell, BLMGNF leaders use the secure-messaging platform Signal, and have created a text chat named “‘BLM Security Hub.” Within that chat, the author reports that conversations…

“Show efforts to monitor social media for negative mentions of BLMGNF, with members using their influence with the platforms to have such remarks removed. It’s currently not possible to share the Post’s article on Cullors’s home purchases on Facebook because the site’s parent company, Meta, has labeled the content ‘abusive.’At other points, [Shalomyah] Bowers [a BLMGNF board member] and his associates direct a private investigator to look into BLMGNF detractors and journalists, including me.” 

To clarify, and if we assume the New York Magazine piece is accurate, we have leadership members at the highest levels of BLM engaging in the policing of social media platforms including Facebook. When the group identifies anyone making unfavorable remarks or promoting content critical of BLM, they then flex their muscles by contacting accomplices at the platforms who then shut down those criticisms. And they even go so far as to hire private investigators to go after the naysayers.

This type of activity is straight out of the Josef Stalin playbook and would have fit in nicely on the pages of 1984 if George Orwell had had the foresight to predict social media.

Fortunately, many Americans have already recognized BLM for what it is: A bunch of hypocritical far-left radicals. In December, polls showed that approval for BLM had dropped all the way to 44%. But if Americans become aware of this latest news, that BLM is actively seeking to silence those who disagree with them, those approval numbers are sure to decrease even further. Heck… they may even go as low as Joe Biden’s.


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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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