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Woke Leftists Use Corporations To Further Their Political Ends

About thirty years ago I first heard a manager of a corporation speak of serving “stakeholders” in addition to customers and stockholders of the company. It was an interesting concept and seemed to make sense at the time. Most corporations do indeed serve the larger community with their services or products, so this seemed like a good point.

But wokeness has come along and polluted everything it’s touched in our society, including the “stakeholder” thing. That’s how Major League Baseball, AT&T and Delta Airlines got wrapped up in protesting the voting rights bill issued by the legislature of the state of Georgia some months ago, when they caused a major baseball game to relocate outside of Georgia, with a loss of revenue for the good citizens of Atlanta, because the companies took up for the side of Georgia Democrats and made a big fuss about something that was not AT&T’s nor Delta’s business. But they pretended to be outraged by the lie of some of their “stakeholders” being hurt by the Georgia legislation.

So a corporation can no longer take pride in simply providing jobs for employees, making a good product or service for customers and a profit for the investors. They must also consider the third tier of people who exist outside their realm of direct influence: the stakeholder. Democrat politicians and rabble-rousers don’t care a whit about profits, unless they think the profits are too high to be woke-worthy, and in fact they think that making a profit at all is a bad thing, and they now insist that corporations, like Disney and it’s attempted denial of parents’ rights to be in charge of their children’s futures and education, must be in line with far-left, radical policy as defined by the radical group of fools who have the time and money to protest for the cameras and make selfies to post on Twitter and You Tube to support their ridiculous ideas.

Some teachers in Florida were recently seen marching and shouting “don’t say gay” when the Florida legislation about parental rights they were protesting said not a word about being “gay”, nor even about the subject of “gayness”. They were simply Democrat leftists who saw the Florida governor and legislature denying them the things they wanted, so they threw a public fit, with the foolish Disney management backing them up.

But we’ve very recently seen push-back from employees and stockholders against big companies who were engaging in politics, warning the CEO and the Board members to stick with the business of the company and stop dabbling in politics. Even the enormous famousness and wealth of Elon Musk wasn’t enough to convince the Twitter board to sell him the company’s stock at a profit for stockholders, until Musk reminded them of their fiduciary duty to make a profit for those who hold stock. And Governor Ron Desantis issued a similar warning to the Twitter board based on the large chunk of stock that the state of Florida holds for the retirees of the Sunshine State, and if the Twitter people do not decide to accept Musk’s offer of a significant profit, he would sue them.

It’s about time for decent Americans to take back their country from the idiot rabble that has caught public attention recently.

Then today (4-25-22) WHAM!!, we learn that Musk owns Twitter! No we await information as to how corrupt Twitter was under radical, leftist ownership and its algorithms and codes and suspension of customers who were conservative.

Elon Musk has begun the butt-kicking of leftist Democrats that we’ve all dreamed of, and we must all join him to reject woke-ism in all its forms. The tide has finally turned to sweep away far-left radicalism from our great nation.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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