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Update: Sacramento Mass Shooting Suspect Already Out On Bail, Another Had Just Been Released Early From Prison For Violent Assault

The Blue State Conservative

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Violent sociopath sentenced to prison for felony crimes is released early and recommits violent crime, killing again. Sound familiar?

Newsweek picked up a story from The Sacramento Bee that one of the alleged participants in last weekend’s horrific shooting, a third person of interest originally arrested on charge of illegal firearm possession, was already released on bail. 

They write:

“A third person arrested in connection with the early Sunday morning shooting in Sacramento, California, that killed six and injured at least a dozen has been released on bail after he was charged with illegal firearm possession.

Two men, brothers Dandrae, 26, and Smiley Martin, 27, were arrested earlier this week on firearm possession charges. A third man, 31-year-old Daviyonne Dawson, was arrested late Monday and has been released on $500,000 bail, according to The Sacramento Bee. Police said they are continuing to search for the person or persons responsible for the shooting.”

As if the release on bail of one of the likely culprits, a known gang member and repeat offender, was bad enough, a local Sacramento CBS affiliate adds this horrifying detail regarding another of the three participants in last weekend’s mass shooting:

“Another major question surrounds Sunday’s tragic shooting in Sacramento: Why was one of the suspects previously released from prison early?

Smiley Martin, who’s facing gun charges in the shooting, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assaulting his girlfriend. But he was released in February after serving just five and a half years. The state is saying he acquired enough credits to get out early.”

This despite the fact that, again according to the report, that the Sacramento District Attorney’s office argued against this individual’s early release, pointing to a concern that he would break the law again. You don’t say.

Of course, on cue, leftist tyrants like California governor Gavin Newsom and the former vice president Joe Biden denounced guns as the real culprit. These dishonest crooks never distinguish between legally and illegally obtained guns, nor the more pressing matter of allowing subhumans free reign in our society. Animals like this deserve to be put in a cage for their entire lives. We are all born free, but not all of us prove we are forever deserving of that freedom.

Freedom is the bedrock of a decent society, but freedom doesn’t mean you do whatever you want at the expense – often at the life – of others. Leftism is turning our concept of justice on its head, and the recent Sacramento mass shooting encapsulates everything wrong with criminal justice. The same could be said of Brandon’s SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is going to be seated on the Supreme Court despite her open advocacy for leniency for groomers and pedophiles.

Violent people will act violently. This is not a surprise. The shooting in Sacramento again highlights the severely failed efforts at reform. They do not deserve to be on the streets.

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  1. What does it matter if they are killing each other. We do not have to pay to keep them in jail. We do not have to pay to keep them in health care. Only kill each other not normal people. This is why I will not go anywhere near them.

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