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Red Wave Rising! Is A November Disaster For Democrats Now Destiny?

The Blue State Conservative

Exactly 200 days from tomorrow morning, polls will be opening around the country on Election Day 2022. On the ballot will be all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 34 seats in the U.S. Senate, 36 state governorships, and thousands of state legislature positions. It’s a critical election, and the attention that it will be getting from every direction is only going to build in intensity.

While 200 days, just a little over six months, may seem to be right around the corner for some of us, in politics that’s an eternity. It is this reality on which the Democratic Party is hanging its hopes.

The warning signs alerting Democrats to a devastating November have been flashing bright red for several months now, but we are rapidly approaching crunch time. Democrats believe they have time to turn things around. There’s just one problem: The red wave in their nightmares isn’t ebbing, it’s building. And high tide looks to be arriving on the second Tuesday in November.


A poll last week from Quinnipiac University showed President Joe Biden with an approval rating of just 33%, which is devastatingly poor. Considering that Hispanics are a key demographic for Democrats who polled the lowest of all racial groups at only 26%, that poll looks even worse.

Then on Tuesday, a poll from The Trafalgar Group showed that almost two-thirds of Americans believe that Biden may be compromised in his dealings with China. Every poll that comes out shows Biden and the Democrats failing miserably, and those numbers continue to get worse.

Biden political pollster John Anzalone recently confided to Politico that all this bad news amounts to, “the worst political environment that I’ve lived through in 30 years of being a political consultant.” Democratic political strategist James Carville has been highly critical of his party’s “stupid wokeness” with his warnings of the Democrats’ political consequences. And an analysis from the Center for Politics earlier this year warned, “With some key national factors seemingly in their favor, Republicans could win a healthy majority in the House in 2022 — perhaps even their biggest in nearly a century.”

All of this is horrendous news for the Democrats, obviously, but their options are virtually non-existent. Their de facto leader is Biden who will be turning 80-years-old in October but acts like he’s 90. Waiting in the wings is Vice-President Kamala Harris who has somehow managed to have even lower approval ratings than Biden. But the real problem for Democrats isn’t Biden and Harris, it’s their agenda.

America is a center-right country and Democrats have shifted wildly to the left. Their embrace of deeply unpopular ideologies such as Critical Race Theory, the Green New Deal, and radical transgender concepts have exposed their extremism. The more Americans realize what Democrats stand for, the less they like them.

In January, a Gallup poll showed that 47% of Americans identify as or favor the Republicans compared to only 42% for Democrats. That 5-point spread is a gut punch to the Democrats who have seldom seen such a deficit in over thirty years. Americans have heard the Democrats’ message, they’ve recognized the zealotry behind it, and they are flocking to the GOP in droves. But what can they do?


If the Democratic leaders were to pivot to the right, they would have a mutiny on their hands. The Democrats’ appeasement of the radical left-wing of the party has created a multi-headed monster, with the faces of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) adorning it. Nancy Pelosi has stroked and coddled her leftist House members. Chuck Schumer has turned a blind eye to the fanatics in the Senate. And President Biden doesn’t even know where he is half the time, and when he does he just does what his handlers tell him to do; and that includes the Easter Bunny.

If Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, were to advocate for less spending, or denounce Critical Race Theory, or back away from their full-throated support of transgender insanity, AOC and the rest would have a meltdown, and so would the media. Democrats have created an echo chamber for themselves and have brainwashed each other into believing that their fanaticism is mainstream. It isn’t.


Unless one of the Democratic Party leaders shows some fortitude in a hurry, what we are likely to see is a status quo from the Democrats on policy in the coming months, and then a day of reckoning in November. From there, we should expect either a mass defection from Democrat centrists or a total breakaway from their leftist flank.

If Republicans play this hand properly, they could achieve a long-term electoral windfall that hasn’t been witnessed in generations. And therein lies their biggest challenge. Republicans are their own worst enemies. But the Democratic Party collapse we are now watching unfold could be so complete, not even the Republicans can screw it up.

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