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Knucklehead Of The Week: Joe Biden Taking His Knuckleheadedness To New Levels [Watch]

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Yes, we know it’s only been three weeks since the last time President Biden was honored as the week’s top knucklehead, but what is our KOTW Committee supposed to do? The man just can’t help himself, and we just cannot ignore his buffoonery. After a thorough tongue-lashing from our Department of Redundancy Department and following only a brief internal debate arguing for the candidacies of other knuckleheads, the decision is in and the voting wasn’t even close. Our esteemed Commander-in-Chief is, once again, this week’s honoree.

Winner: President Biden’s cluelessness and criminality were on full display this week, and we’re left to wonder whether he’ll make it through his full four-year term.

As is customary when detailing Mr. Biden’s qualifications for such recognition, we have far too many incidents available this week to cite in justifying his selection. Joe Biden is a gaffe machine and with every day that passes, his incompetence and dishonesty become ever clearer. To list every one of his missteps, even over a seven-day period, would be incredibly arduous and would require thousands of words. Therefore, we’re going to limit our detailing to two specific episodes this week.


First, we have the matter of Biden’s financial shenanigans and his inept attempt at hiding them. The news first broke on Tuesday morning when the Daily Mail reported a $5.2 million gap between what Mr. and Mrs. Biden reported on their income tax filings and what they disclosed in their government transparency reports.

The Bidens, like all Americans who earn any income, are obligated to file tax returns and pay taxes. Additionally, government officials like Joe Biden are required to file documentation showing from where that income came. It’s a long-standing condition for serving in influential government positions, and one that is specifically designed to discourage and identify government corruption. Only Joe and Jill Biden appear to have totally shit the bed in hiding their corruption.

The Bidens show a total of $7 million more in income on their tax returns than they do on their disclosure filings. Of that total, $1.8 million is explainable, which leaves that $5.2 million gap. As the Daily Mail explains, “Some of that difference can be accounted for with salaries earned by First Lady Jill Biden and other sums not required on his reports.” But $5.2 million?

Jill Biden is a community college professor by trade, and there’s no way she earned that kind of cash teaching  Social Studies to 18-year-olds. No way. Did Joe acquire those bucks when he was playing craps with Corn Pop? Or maybe he earned it on the side when he was driving a tractor-trailer as a part-time job? Or, perhaps, all that damning evidence showing Joe Biden’s connections to his reprobate son Hunter’s business dealings in China, Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere are behind it.

The mainstream media tried their best to ignore this story, but make no mistake: This was big news and an even bigger problem for Joe Biden.

The second instance of President Biden being a knucklehead happened during these comments on Thursday regarding the situation in Ukraine. Watch:


Yes, it’s laughable, and we’re left to wonder why his speechwriters insist on inserting four-syllable words like “kleptocracy” into his speeches, but it’s also disturbing. What the heck is he talking about? Are we trying to “accommodate” Russian oligarchs? Whose side are we on, again?


We’re in troubling times. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is poking the West in the eye and threatening to use nuclear weapons. China and Iran are undoubtedly watching every move we make and waiting for the right time to launch their own treachery. Our economy is on the verge of recession, or worse, and our southern border is like a sieve. And this is our president?

Joe Biden is in big trouble, and not just with his subterranean polling numbers. He’s obviously got some serious explaining to do with his financial filings, and he’s likely headed for investigations by Congress once Republicans retake control. His mental acuity is plummeting faster than his approval ratings, and we’re left to wonder whether he’ll be able to remain in office until 2024. And if he doesn’t remain in office, who will take his place? His hand-picked Lady-in-Waiting, the incomparable Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Heaven help us.


Honorable Mention #1: Twitter’s top lawyer Vijaya Gadde openly cried in front of employees when discussing Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform.

One of the options considered for choosing today’s Knucklehead of the Week was to simply name all the leftists and their unhinged reactions to Musk’s move. Virtually everywhere we looked we saw glorious examples of their implosions, from Rob Reiner to Joy Reid. We decided instead to narrow it down to Ms. Gadde who was indeed a strong contender, but who was ultimately out-knuckleheaded by Joe Biden.

First, we must consider that Vijaya Gadde works at the highest levels of Twitter. She makes $17 million per year, which is itself moronic and illustrates the idiocy that’s overtaken the company. Then we must understand that, according to the reports, she was literally crying. Not just weepy, or teary-eyed. Apparently, she was bawling, like Jen Psaki last week discussing the right’s objections to indoctrinating children in LGBTQ insanity.

Ms. Gadde, you need to get some help. Seriously. If you’re so detached from reality, and if you live in such a protective bubble with your eight-figure salary that you can’t control your emotions of a change in your company’s ownership, you really need to get a grip.

Honorable Mention #2: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declares that the way to fix inflation is to raise taxes.

On Tuesday, after a discussion with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) in which he tried his best to get Manchin back in the fold and earn his support for the long-dead Build Back Better boondoggle, Schumer said, “If you want to get rid of inflation, the only way to do it is to undo a lot of the Trump tax cuts and raise rates.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Indeed, Senator Schumer, the main drivers behind Bidenflation is too much money to spend and not enough supply, and this equation holds true for whatever commodity we’re discussing: meat, vegetables, gasoline, or automobiles. But the solution is not for you to take Americans’ money from them so they can’t spend it. Then again, if you think this is a winning approach for the mid-term elections, by all means, keep talking up this idea.

Democrats are going to get slaughtered in November.

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  1. Time for a bunch of knuckleheads to get booted. They are absolutely useless, actually they’re drop-dead missing. They aren’t doing their job, only doing what their plans call for – the destruction of the USA. How long do we moan and groan about all this before we holler enough is enough? How many times have we hollered enough is enough? Get these do-nothing nothings out of Capitol Hill and the WH. We have too many who need spine transplants, the sooner the better for us.

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