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“Drill, Baby, Drill”: Lauren Boebert Delivers Powerful Speech On House Floor

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Repeating a basic-but-obvious slogan, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) took the to the House floor in a short speech with a simple premise: Americans are hurting because of the two-fold attack on the price of oil – both Biden’s inflation and his surrender of national energy independence – and Boebert wants none of it.

Under Joe Biden, the average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline is nearing $5.00 nationwide. Over a month ago, the New York Times was even forced to admit that in a year-over-year comparison (i.e. Trump versus Biden), gas had risen over 40%. It has only gotten worse since then.

Here is Boebert calling for a return to sanity and lower prices:


“We should restart construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, overturn Biden’s energy leasing moratorium, and expedite permits for pipelines and natural gas exports. We need the American Energy Independence From Russia Act and stop playing Biden’s energy-anywhere-from-America game. 

Mr. Speaker, America should not only have affordable energy for our own use, but we should be exporting it abroad. We can literally export strength and freedom to our allies. In short, the solution is very simple. Drill, baby, drill.”

“Drill, baby, drill” might sound familiar; the phrase has been used previously by the fiery Colorado-based legislator. For example, at Joe Biden’s first State of the Union, Boerbert showed up in a black ensemble with gold-metallic coloring bearing the same phrase. That image can be seen below:


Some commentators were quick to point out that Boerbert was rehashing the same AOC-style “Tax The Rich” dress from her Met Gala appearance, but the difference is that AOC attended a lavish, expensive, elbow–rubbing party replete with the rich; AOC pretends to hate wealth and then has no problem indulging in the benefits of fame and prestige herself. Boebert, on the other hand, wants everyone to benefit from cheap oil. 


The difference between ruling-class socialists and democratic representatives could not be starker.

Speaking of AOC, this clueless, self-serving buffoon notoriously rolled out her Green New Deal a few years ago with an appalling ad. Is it any wonder gas prices are going up when Democrats envision a world free of fossil fuels altogether? Her ad can be seen below:


“We lost a generation of time we’ll never get back, entire species we’ll never get back. Natural wonders gone forever. And in 2017 Hurricane Maria destroyed the place where my family was from: Puerto Rico. It was like a climate bomb… 

They told us that we had 12 years left to cut our emissions in half or hundreds of millions of people would be more likely to face food and water shortages, poverty and health. Twelve years to change everything: How we got around, how we fed ourselves, how we made our stuff, how we lived and worked. Everything. The only way to do it was to transform our economy, which we already knew was broken since the vast majority of wealth was going to just a small handful of people, and most folks were falling further and further behind.”

We have transformed the economy, all right. People are poorer and have less freedom. This is exactly what AOC and her ilk desire. Do they feel good about ruining lives?

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One Comment

  1. And the fact of the matter is since the age of Ronald Reagan we were told the age of the internal combustion engine was over; neither political party segued into any kind of a transition. The problem is timing. If this commander and thief non-elect were more fiscally prudent with his inequitable government handouts that no one seems able to keep track of, if he would have secured our border and not been such a god damnable China/Russia whore/thief, AOC might have a point there. As it is, he is deliberately dismantling the country. His attitude is, “Let them eat lentils”.

    Complicating the issue is the fact that they are just fine with importing oil from every other nation in the world, in fact seem to go out of their way to do business with communist regimes. What’s the point of the entire planet drilling while we remain dependent? It is apparent that this Brandon wants to take us out; he has done everything in his power, he and his woke liberal culture to dismantle this country.

    In light of this and more, I too say, “Drill baby drill.” Then come up with a transition formula that actually works. Until such time, AOC and her donkey party of jackasses are chasing windmills.

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