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Biden Joins Hamas Against Israel

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has had a target upon itself for every other country in the Middle East to shoot at. Most Muslim countries, such as Iran and Syria, openly hate Israel and want it obliterated. Israel has been able to fend off these attacks with the help of America, Britain, and France. These alliances had been unconditional and unyielding until Barack Obama took the Oath of Office in 2009. Biden learned the lesson well as Obama’s Vice President, and he is more aggressive and transparent about his hatred of Israel. This elevation of vitriol may be Biden playing to the radical left wing of the Democrat party.

Biden, Blinken, and Austin have been attempting to micromanage the retaliation by Israel to the Hamas since October 7. They have all been open and loud about the tactics of the Israeli Military. They have been concerned with the number of dead civilians in Gaza and pushed for more humanitarian aid and a cease-fire. Israel has been unyielding in its commitment to obliterate Hamas and its constant threat to Israel and all Jews. These two goals are diametrically opposed and have created considerable friction between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu.

It was discovered last week that Biden had withheld military arms, which had been approved by Congress and signed by Biden. The President is now claiming he will not supply arms to Israel that may be used to kill more civilians in Gaza. At the same time, Antony Blinken made comments over the weekend that may have fallen a word or two short of accusing Israel of war crimes. Israel is supposed to be our greatest ally in the Middle East, and Joe Biden is doing his best to sabotage that alliance and destroy 75 years of unity between our two countries. For this, Joe Biden should be impeached. This action by Biden is far more egregious than the phone call to Ukraine by Donald Trump, for which he was actually impeached.

These acts and comments come from an Administration that has repeatedly claimed to be in full support of Israel as she retaliates against a brutal insurgence by Hamas on October 7 that resulted in 1,200 dead and countless raped, mutilated, or burned alive. Hostages were taken and are still unaccounted for. There were Americans among the more than 100 taken, but the Biden administration has done little to retrieve our own who have been in captivity for eight months.

I have written about the failures of the Biden military, which makes it ironic that the Biden administration thinks they can tell anyone how to negotiate a war. That would be like me telling Jason Tatum how to run a fast break. All kidding aside, Biden and his team have abandoned Israel for the sake of the fringe element of the party, but what is worse is falsely calling out Israel and then denying them the strategic weaponry that will prevent excessive civilian casualties. For the sake of the Muslim vote, Biden is turning his back on Israel. Another huge mistake that Trump will inherit and be forced to correct.

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Ray Cardello

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