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One School District Took Parent Intimidation To A Whole New Level

The Blue State Conservative

One of the hottest battlegrounds in America is education after Teachers’ unions pushed for no-contact, off-campus digital education ‘cuz COVID, but it was parents who learned a thing or two. Schools were feeding crap to their kids.

What followed was an upswell in involvement, investigation, calls for transparency, and lots of videos of parents confronting the people they elected to represent them, not doing anything of the sort.

Battle lines are drawn. The DOJ labels parents as domestic terrorists. Educator groups organize to doxx parents, and then there’s this. School employees in at least one district screengrabbed comments from parents’ social media groups, then found out where they worked and used that to try to get them fired. Next level intimidation, anyone?

The Superintendent, at least one member of the School Board, and some district employees are alleged to have participated in the scheme.


According to the suit, the Facebook groups, “RCS Parents for In-Person Education” and “Conservative Parents for Rochester,” rose up in response to the closure of schools and the shift to remote learning in April 2020, after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order closing the schools for the rest of the school year. [Elena]Dinverno, who described herself as a “vocal and effective advocate” for re-opening schools, was contacted by the school board, who told her she was “participating in a group engaged in launching threats against the school district.” A school board member then allegedly contacted her employer.

Wait, it gets better!

Dinverno allegedly later learned that other parents had been contacted by the board, including one parent employed by a nearby police department. On top of that, multiple parents, including Dinverno, received cease and desist letters from RCS lawyers telling them to stop criticizing the school board, claiming that the posts were “false [and] injurious to the Board, and threaten further injury if left uncorrected.” The letters allegedly threatened legal action.

So. the District used staff and probably staff hours to spy on social media to intimidate parents and taxpayers who objected to district policy. School district lawyers then sent letters threatening legal action at taxpayer expense (unless someone thinks they did it pro bono).

Four individuals in the District are named in the Dinverno lawsuit. They are accused of intimidation to deny her First Amendment rights. That’s the Cliff Notes version. You can read the suit as filed here (and rumor has it this has since been settled out of court, but not confirmed).

The big question is, how much more of this is going on around the country? Quite a bit, I suspect, but it’s not a new tactic nor limited to school districts.

I was the object of something similar about a decade ago, except the attack came from State Republican insiders. They tried to get me fired from my job – sent an “anonymous” letter to the company president because I was badmouthing their choice for GOP state party chair. They said I was a sexist and a bigot. They wanted him to know the sort of people that worked for the company.

And the Candidate they were protecting was Jennifer Horn. After wrecking the NHGOP, she “worked” for increasingly progressive ‘Republican’ groups until she landed a gig with the Never-Trumper sex-abusers at the Lincoln Project who helped elect* Joe “credibly accused of rape” Biden. She eventually “quit” those half-measures and declared she was a Democrat.


Yeah, we knew that.

And hey, if you want to associate with sex abusers, human traffickers, and people who lie to or about women, the Democrat party is the place to be.

As for the school district, the surveillance of public social spaces is not illegal (though on “company time” – it is unethical). But the intimidation is common Left-Wing practice.

Our rule is to report on that behavior and return the favor, but not everyone has a well-trafficked popular political blog at their fingertips. Hey, we share!

If you’ve experienced anything like this from any part of the government, let us know. Maybe we help you shine a light on it.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. Parents are finally realizing they have to choose between having a two person income or saving their child from marxist, racist, gender-confused indoctrination by tyrannical, democrat-goon public school teachers.

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