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“I Am Innocent…I Am Not Suicidal!”: Convicted Race-Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Shouts Deranged Comments At Sentencing (VIDEO)

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Justice has prevailed in the case against Jussie. The disgraced, selfish, and likely mentally-ill actor whose claim to fame is being black, gay, and narcisissitic was handed down a sentence of 150 days of jailtime, 30 months of felony probation, and fines totaling more than $150,000 (which include restitution tn the Chicago Police Department for absolutely wasting their tike and resources as well as a civil penalty).

Trending Politics provided a short overview of the case:

“Judge James B. Linn stated that the evidence against Smollett was “overwhelming” and that the jury’s verdict in his case was “correct.”

In December Smollett was found guilty on 5 charges of disorderly conduct – one count for each time he lied to police following the hoax ‘attack.’”

Calling the evidence overwhelming is an understatement. From the beginning, nothing added up. 

After listening to the sentencing, Smollett obviously felt like he had nothing else to lose. Well, maybe his dignity. Watch what happened next:


Fox News had more on the story:

“Smollett faced up to three years in prison for each of the five felony counts of disorderly conduct — the charge filed for lying to police — of which he was convicted. He was acquitted on a sixth count. 

“I respect you, your honor,” Smollett said as he placed his hands together in a gesture toward the bench. “I respect your decision. Jail time? I am not suicidal. … If anything happens to me in there I did not do it to myself!”

Smollett was then surrounded by sheriff’s deputies before he was led away from the courtroom – but not before raising his right fist in the air on the way out.”

Hardly anyone is unaware of Smollett’s poorly-orchestrated and hate-filled hoax. In the middle of a freezing winter night in Chicago, the pathological actor attempted to stage his own attack. Ostensibly, he needed the extra attention in order to secure a more lucrative contract on his then-hit show Empire. He hired two gay lovers and pretended they accosted him while out for a midnight Subway sandwich. In the process, they wrapped a noose around his neck, through chemicals in his face, and infamously shouted “This is MAGA country!” And being black and gay, the actor also made sure to include that he was verbally assaulted with racialized and homophobic slurs.

When police arrived at the scene, Smollett still had on the noose and an entirely-intact Subway sandwich. Video evidence later circulated of the two hired “white” men buying the exact same resources needed to carry out the hoax. Other video evidence showed Smollett seemingly practicing the attack. 

This scene was absolutely bizarre and questions Smollett’s sanity. Before, we might simply have concluded he was just another self-absorbed actor in love with himself and, having acted so long, able to convince himself of his lies while pretending to play the part of an innocent victim.

Now, though. Smollett’s insistence of his innocence is cause for alarm. He can’t truly believe his own words, right? What kind of sick mind can defend those odious decisions?

Among countless clueless commentators in the immediate aftermath was then-aspiring presidential candidate and now-Vice President Kamala Harris, who tweeted an insane defense of Smollett in the hopes of fanning racial flames and animus in the country. She still has it up.

Good riddance, Smollett. Enjoy that jail cell.

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  1. I was so upset when Jussie was sentenced to prison I thought about sending him a jar of Vaseline- nah, think I’ll send him a rope instead!

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