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ATF Has Amassed “1 Billion Gun Records”: Texas Congressman Warns Of Biden’s Illegal Federal Gun Registry (VIDEO)

The Blue State Conservative

Representative Michael Cloud (R-TX) is raising awareness on a growing problem within America: The State’s violation of God-given, natural rights to protect life, liberty, and property.

Representative Cloud made a recent appearance on NTD’s Capitol Report and shared some alarming news about the encroachment of the federal government to monitor, track, record, and potentially act upon knowledge of gun sales and purchases. It seems obvious that in the wrong hands, information about gun ownership could quickly turn into a bloody mess. Would guns be outrageously taxed? Confiscated? To what end would they pursue goals of civilian disarmament?

There are no good intentions by the government if armed, pun intended, with any of this information. All we need to see is what happened in gun-free Australia and New Zealand to realize basic rights are all protected by the 2nd amendment. No 2A, no other rights. It is as simple as that.


Here is what Cloud had to say on his appearance:

“You’ll hear a lot of people say that the primary job of the federal government is to keep us safe. Well, the primary job of the federal government is actually to keep us free…It’s really about our protection. It’s about ensuring tyranny doesn’t enter into our government. It’s about ensuring that each individual has the right to protect themselves and their families.”

Powerful stuff.

The Epoch Times picked up more of the story:

“Cloud said the Biden administration is getting too close to creating a federal gun registry—encroaching on our constitutional liberties—which is currently prohibited by federal law.


At the end of 2021, Cloud said he became aware that the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) had collected over 54 million gun records in one year and that the Biden administration was trying to extend how long gun vendors to keep their records.

‘We began an investigation and come to find out that the ATF had over time collected almost 1 billion gun records. They had put them into a database in digital format in a way that’s searchable,” said Cloud. “So, you look at a database with almost a billion gun records in it—that’s an astronomical figure—in a searchable database. It comes really close to that line of a gun registry, if not crossing it.’”


Amazingly, Cloud also relates the fact that in 2020, 40% of all gun purchases went to first-time buyers and that in 2021 the number was 30%. That can easily be translated as saying people do not trust anyone to defend them but themselves. As it should be, but those numbers frighten a government that demands subordination and subjugation.

It is worth asking the rhetorical question: Why does the government want or need any of this information?

It is clearly not about keeping people safe. If the government were interested in people’s safety from gun crime, it would lock up urban thugs rather than releasing them fifty times to recommit the same violent acts. It would prioritize illicit handgun ownership in urban centers rather than attack the fake boogeyman of “assault rifles,” which aside from not being used in most gun crimes aren’t even a real category.


Add to the that the murderous cover up of cheap, plentiful, and efficacious off-patent treatments for Covid as well as massive propaganda that abortion is a healthcare right and it quickly becomes apparent the government absolutely has no interest in actual public safety.

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