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Liberals: This Time Trump is Going Down – No Really

The Blue State Conservative

Donald Trump is the most investigated president in History.  So far, all his adversaries have proven is that his administration has been more scandal-free than any president in the past 40 years.  But they haven’t stopped looking, and they think their efforts will pay off this time.

The Donald is going down.  He has done the unthinkable.  His crime is unforgivable.  He may have, wait for it…torn up some papers while in office.  The horror.  Why couldn’t he have done something minor – like green-lighting Russia to invade Ukraine.

The Federal Records act prohibits the destruction of federal papers – except as prescribed by official procedures.  For example: State Department emails are federal records.  It is illegal to delete tens of thousands of them outside of processes for audit and oversight.  The only exception to this rule is if one happens to be the Democratic candidate for President – let’s call it the Comey exception.

The National Archives is alleging that President Trump tore up official papers, and is demanding an investigation by the People’s Department of Justice (PDoJ).  The whole thing has the left hyperventilating.  It seems they never tire of playing Wile E. Coyote in this Road Runner production.  They’ve got dynamite in hand, a rocket strapped to their back, and are ready to take another run at the Donald.

I should mention that Trump also had a few boxes of papers at his home in Florida – which he returned on request.  Technically this is a violation of the records act as well – unlike the emails in Hillary’s bathroom, which she destroyed when they were requested (see Comey exception).

Here’s the thing: nobody but leftist fever swamp dwellers care about any of this.  The rest of us know it’s just another lame attempt to get Trump.  So many other attempts have turned out to be hoaxes or misinformation that it’s impossible to take any of it seriously anymore.  I’ll start believing Trump did something wrong when the public gets to vet the evidence.  I don’t believe a word coming out of the deep state.  The FBI has destroyed any credibility that the federal government once had.

If it turns out that the allegation is a case of misinformation, will the perpetrators be investigated as “threat actors”?  That is what the most recent advisory from the DHS calls for.  I’m just saying, equal application of the law and all.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi really did violate the Federal Records Act.  And I don’t mean allegedly – it’s a historical fact.  On February 5, 2020, President Trump delivered his report on the state of the union to Congress.  It is a report required by the Constitution – federal documents don’t get any more official than that.  At the conclusion of President Trump’s speech, San Fran Nan proceeded to tear up his report, on national television, for the world to see.  It was a grand show of contempt for her President.  It was also clearly illegal.  Did the National Archives contact the PDoJ and demand action?  I must have missed it if they did.  So much for their feigned indignance now.

Unless there’s an investigation into both Pelosi and Trump, this isn’t really about destroyed documents.  It’s just another political hit job, and one that will go nowhere.

I have a message for President Gremlin.  With skyrocketing inflation, broken supply chains, spiking crime, overrun borders, and hostages left in Afghanistan, whether the last president tore up a few papers or not isn’t a crisis anyone is going to lose much sleep over.

I’m not a big fan of political forecasts.  However, given the unbroken pattern of past alleged Trump scandals, I’m willing to hazard a prediction about how this one will unfold.

The Peoples Department of Justice will open an investigation – to great MSM fanfare.  A few months later, in response to a Freedom of Information Request, we’ll learn that the PDoJ asked the National Archives to request the investigation.  Just like it did with the National School Boards Association.

The boxes of purloined documents in Florida will turn out to be a big fat nothing – Christmas cards from Kim Jong-un or something equally silly.  There will certainly be nothing as consequential as the classified documents which President Clinton’s former National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, smuggled out of the archives in his pants.  I believe the big Sandy received 100 days of community service for his little caper.  If Trump is found guilty, perhaps he can do his community service delivering meals to laid off pipeline workers.

The only evidence that will be uncovered by our intrepid FBI agents will be unsubstantiated hearsay.  That’ll be enough for San Fran Nan to launch another Special Select Committee, headed by Liz Cheney – to make it bipartisan and all.

The only actual proof that will come out of the multiple investigations will be that the People’s Department of Justice is a tool of the Democrat party, and Merrick Garland is still a useful idiot.

For the Democrats, it will be the bloodlust orgy of 2020 all over again.  Proving that they have nothing constructive to offer Americans, they will play a rerun of impeachment theater.  This time, Trump will definitely go down – as the greatest troll in the history of American politics.

For Republicans, it will be a comedic respite from the hard work of orchestrating the 2022 blowout.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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  1. MORE OF THE SAME OLE SAME OLE…is all this is when it comes to the socialist communist democrats trying, ONCE AGAIN, to GET TRUMP….I would laugh but this joke is so OLD…..one of their Hollywood buddies needs to come up with new material on this subject of ” GET TRUMP”…. stay tuned….LMAO

  2. Didn’t Nancy tear up a federal document on live TV at the State of the Union? Give it up, lefties… you’ve got NOTHING.

  3. The cost of these pointless investigations should not be paid by the US Taxpayer. Send the bill to the DNC.

    I’m sick of Democrat politicians stealing and wasting my money.

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