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Justin Trudeau, The Foolish Boy King

The Blue State Conservative

There’s something very important going on in Canada right now.  For weeks, truckers across the nation have engaged in a massive protest against the country’s COVID measures.  Other Canadians have come out in support by the hundreds of thousands – in the dead of winter, in Canada.  They’re serious.  The movement has gained the attention and support (morally and financially) of the world and has brought business in Ottawa to a standstill.

Rather than discuss their grievances, Prime Minister Trudeau has demanded that the truckers stop their protest immediately.  And then he went into hiding – for his own safety from the flag-waving, bratwurst grilling, miscreants.  But the truckers continue to stand firm.

So, Trudeau did what any good leader of a free country would do.  He activated the Emergency Powers Act, essentially declaring marshal law.  He has given himself the power to enact laws, make arrests, commandeer property, and levy fines.  He has assumed dictatorial powers and fails to see how that could possibly end badly for him.  That is truly foolish.


It’s the first time in Canada’s history that the Emergency Powers Act has been used, and it’s being used to crush a peaceful protest.  Trudeau may succeed in halting the protests, but he will not succeed in returning harmony with such tactics.  Peace cannot be achieved with a blunt object.  He’ll merely strengthen the resolve of Canada’s citizenry, and force them to change tactics.

Will any of this actually get the cargo moving again in Canada?  Trudeau’s upset those trucks are blocking roads and bridges.  His government has even called on tow truck drivers to remove the parked trucks – but they have refused.  With his new self-proclaimed powers, he can now order them to comply or face penalties.  Does Trudeau know what he’ll do when the tow truck drivers call in sick, or their trucks suffer unexpected mechanical failures?  Has he considered how slow an aggrieved hourly worker can work when properly motivated?

I suppose he can call on the military to drag the semi rigs off the road, but what good does that do.  The trucks still won’t be moving any freight when the drivers are all “out sick.”

What Trudeau doesn’t get, is that this isn’t about trucks.  It’s about working-class Canadians having legitimate grievances that aren’t being addressed.  They are suffering under draconian COVID mandates – to the point of being forced to take a vaccine that doesn’t work.  In nearby Minnesota, a majority of COVID cases are now among the vaccinated.  Trudeau hasn’t even considered the science behind that evidence.  He merely continues to issue orders as if Canadians are his subjects – and Canadians have had enough.

The parade of protesting trucks is not Trudeau’s real problem.  The grievances of those cheering on the parade are his real problem.  Unfortunately, the leadership in Ottawa is refusing to even consider those grievances.  Therefore, Canadians have decided that it’s time to give Ottawa a lesson about who holds the real power.

For Trudeau to think that he can rule Canada without the cooperation of Canadians, is historically ignorant.  Poland is a perfect lesson about the power of an aggrieved people.  In the mid to late 20th century, Poland was a satellite of the Soviet Union.  A labor movement within Poland would eventually change the country and the world, forever.  It started as unrest in the Gda?sk Shipyard.  An underground movement of aggrieved laborers began to organize with the objective to achieve social and worker rights changes.  It’s membership quietly grew until it stepped out into the sunlight in 1980 when 17,000 workers went on strike.  The strike eventually forced the ruling communists to recognize the union as a legitimate negotiator at the bargaining table.


ssssssssssssssssssssssssssIn 1981, the communist government resolved to crush the Gda?sk Shipyard union – even to the point of using marshal law to do so.  Does that sound familiar?  In response to the government’s efforts, strikes broke out across Poland in resistance.  The various unions eventually coalesced to form Solidarity – a nationwide labor and political movement.  The die was cast for Poland.

The communists spent 10 years attempting to crush Solidarity.  But in 1990, the communist government fell, and Lech Walesa, the leader of the Gda?sk Shipyard union, was elected President of Poland.  The historical lesson is that no despot can rule a country if the country’s workers are steadfast in their resistance.

Trudeau may be about to learn a very painful political lesson.  Does he really think he can succeed where the Soviets failed?  The truckers, and other workers, of Canada, have far more real power than any mere Prime Minister.

The average grocery store has a 3-day supply of food.  Stores depend on an army of trucks and producers to provide resupply every day.  When supplies don’t arrive, shelves run bare, and citizens become very angry – and hungry.

With marshal law, Trudeau can oppress people.  He can even punish people.  But he cannot move freight without them.  Even the military is not big enough to keep the supply chain functioning without the help of Canadian workers.

Unless Canadians surrender, Trudeau can only fail.  In spite of some Canadians sharing the language, Canadians are not the French.  They are showing no sign of surrender.

Senator John Kennedy recently said about Trudeau, “If you’re going to be a smartass, first you have to be smart.”  Trudeau is the boy dictator who isn’t smart enough to know where Canada’s real power resides.  But he may be about to get a harsh lesson on that subject.  A movement that started with 17,000 shipyard laborers eventually toppled an autocratic government.  Will the shared resolve of thousands of truckers, and millions of supporters, accomplish the same in our frozen neighbor to the north?

This is an important question for those of us in the United States:  Is Canada our future?  Is there any indication that Biden is smarter, more reasonable, or more caring about his countrymen than Justin Trudeau?

Featured photo by DoD News, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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  1. Good analysis of the tyrant to the North of us!
    I hope this serves to wake us up in the US to the efforts of a fraudulent regime to impose totalitarian
    Rule over us and remove our constitutional rights.

    (By the way, in your 3rd paragraph, the correct term is “martial law”, not “marshal law” )

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