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Government thieves propose speed cameras to steal more and control Americans

Last week, our all-knowing and all-powerful transportation secretary, Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, discussed his plans that could very well save your life.

That’s right, Buttigieg said his plan will stop all traffic deaths. Yes, he can do it. He’s basically a god.

Buttigieg said we have a single ambitious shared goal, and today we commit that our goal is this: zero. Our goal is zero deaths, a country where one day nobody has to say goodbye to a loved one because of a traffic crash.”

I can sense your skepticism, but all it will take is a little spying and a little bit of theft. And there is really no evidence to suggest that these plans will stop a single crash, but who cares? These are our overlords and we should just bow down and take it and thank them for caring about us so greatly.

OK, enough with the sarcasm, here’s the plan.

Zero Hedge reported that under the 42-page plan for highway safety improvements is $17 billion for speed and surveillance cameras which would be part of the Biden administration’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. And certainly, “equity” is a leading reason for this, Buttigieg said, because cameras don’t see race.

As David Knight said: “Their infrastructure, their build back better infrastructure, is about building the kind of infrastructure to spy on us and to control us.”

This is about taxation, otherwise known as theft, and surveillance, and it has nothing to do with safety. It’s about monitoring the subjects.

As Knight also pointed out, last Friday Joe Biden spoke of his “infrastructure” bill in Pittsburgh where a bridge collapsed hour before his speech. While Biden discussed this massive spying and theft plan, the plan didn’t include a single cent for that bridge.

The speed cameras aren’t the only control measures from Buttigieg’s plans. The Associated Press reported that an additional $5 billion will be dangled out over the states to reduce speed limits and promote costly, unnecessary road construction.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg – now a federal secretary, the innocuous-sounding term given to people who function as national-level dictators within the area of their fief – wants to make sure they don’t by making sure they pay for it,” wrote Eric Peters. All of them. All of the time. Or as close to that as possible. He wants to do that by erecting a national grid of automated speed enforcement cameras that would self-enforce speed limits and thus achieve the equity of velocity he seeks.

Peters added: “Of course, it’s mainly another money grab – as is almost always the case when it comes to everything the government does. If there isn’t any money it, there’s little appeal to it. At the end of the day, the government wants to get paid. And so do the remora-like entities that depend on government for much of their business. This includes the insurance business, which has made a lot of money off of speeders. Any system that makes it feasible to catch more speeders means more money for them, too.

While it is right and fair to go after Buttigieg and the Biden regime, remember that they have to have colluders at the state and local level.

The Atlantic provided a history of the federal government using money to get state and local government compliance. In 1974 and 1975, the Nixon and Ford administrations respectively used federal funds to get states to reduce speed limits and require motorcycle helmets. In 1984, the Reagan administration did it to increase drinking ages. In 2009, the Obama administration did the same for texting while driving.

The federal government has no authority to write traffic laws, but because they’re the biggest thieves on the block, the state and local governments are ready to play ball to get their hands on the stolen loot.

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  1. To begin, I detest the man in the White House and that imbecile Buttigieg. ButYou are 100% wrong on this article and apparently have not been driving for months. I just returned from a trip WI to FL. The average speed is 80 MPH on the Interstate. Note I said average. Many people were driving significantly faster. The cameras are a great way to slow everyone down and yes, save lives.

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