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Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization May overturn Roe v. Wade

In the coming months, the Supreme Court of the United States will take up Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which the pro-infanticide group Center for Reproductive Rights says is the most consequential abortion rights case in generations. 

“On December 1, 2021, the Center for Reproductive Rights argued at the U.S. Supreme Court to defend the right to abortion, a right recognized in the landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. In the case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court heard Mississippi’s appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down as unconstitutional the state’s law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy.”

The case has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade. In essence, it will make abortion a state-based issue.  In Blue States like California, Oregon, Washington. New York & New Jersey,  not much changes, argues  Dr. Ben Carson, founder of American Cornerstone Institute.

Dr. Ben Carson: 17th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Dr. Carson says that while the overturning of Roe v. Wade may seem like a final victory in the fight for the preservation of human life, it is not   He goes on to argue that what is needed is a culture shift. This is why  Dr. Carson has started an affinity group just for that.

Dr. Carson says that he feels like our culture has forgotten—or ignored—some very important and basic lessons when it comes to the development of human life. 

“Our society has been infected by an anti-life ideology, treating its most vulnerable members as disposable objects. Abortion that was once thought of as a last resort in a medical emergency has become the new normal,” he argues. “I have operated on infants pre-birth. I can assure you that they are very much alive.”

“Medicine tells us that life begins at the moment of conception. It also tells us when an unborn baby develops a heartbeat, brainwaves, and nervous system. Yet, despite all of this, the unborn are not treated as though they are alive or even human. Life is a precious gift that has been given to us from our creator. No person is disposable, and every life is precious according to Him.  I believe that everyone deserves life, even those who have been denied this right by our society. I believe that together we can make a difference and bring dignity and a voice to the unborn. I also believe that I’m not alone in this belief.”

The Culture shift Dr. Carson refers to is to build a society that values life and would like all other like-minded individuals to review the pro-life pledge he has created and commit to fighting for the unborn.

The first step is clearly stating what we believe and what we are willing to do to protect the lives of the unborn. Will you join me today and stand up for those who cannot do it for themselves? 

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