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Biden pushing unions is just latest move to federalize American jobs

On Monday, Joe Biden’s task force for organized labor released a report. The group named 70 recommendations that will help boost federal workers’ ability to organize into labor unions.

NBC News reports, “the report includes efforts to ensure that federal contract dollars are not spent on anti-union campaigns and to help federal employees understand their rights to organize and bargain collectively, as well as to streamline union access.” In other words, the federal government is actually going to actively promote unions to their employees.

The idea that we need to promote union activity in this economy is absurd. Businesses everywhere are hiring, offering some of the most unique incentives our labor market has ever seen.

Take a drive through your town and you will see sign-on bonuses being offered nearly everywhere. Companies are offering new incentives like tuition assistance at a rate never before seen. Others have decided now is a prime opportunity to catch up, offering boosted retirement accounts and other perks.

In a labor market that is searching for any worker anywhere, how can we possibly think that promoting union activity is actually going to boost the labor market? Does Joe Biden actually believe that this will help the economy?

That is certainly what the propaganda online would like you to believe. They talk about how the unions promote high wages along with securing employees that are less likely to leave their jobs.

They conveniently forget that a portion of those wages must go to pay for union dues. They forget to share about lost wages due to strikes that the union forces you to participate in. Not only that, it takes the ability to control your destiny away from the worker. 

Union workers are not rewarded for their hard work. There is little incentive to do a good job or work hard because there is no reward. Unlike in nonunion businesses where workers are able to work hard and can be incentivized for it.

It creates a dependence mentality among workers, which is exactly what Joe Biden wants. He wants to start his dependence plan with federal workers and then bring it to the private sector. He believes that he can lure the people who left the labor market back into the labor market through dependence.

This is not a plan that benefits the labor market. It actually helps promote their ultimate goal of dependence on the federal government for workers across all segments. We know they want universal healthcare, universal income, and more. This helps enable it.

Just think, once federal workers are unionized, then Biden and his radical friends can argue how “wonderful” it was for federal workers. They can then argue for private workers to be allowed to join the unions run by the federal government, just like they proposed with Medicare for all.

Joe Biden made no secrets that he intended to help labor unions grow under his presidency. He wanted to make it easier to organize and “be pro-labor” as he liked to say. What he failed to tell you was the likely ultimate plan to use this as a means to springboard into federalizing America’s workforce. 

After all, we know that there is never a plan from the radical left that does not have some sort of hidden agenda.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. Unions are supposed to be the go-betweens for the employee and their employer. But it sounds like the unions might be working for the employer. Employees beware!

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