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A Sort Of Unscientific But Reasonable And Sensible Explanation For The “Scourge” Of Covid

For years Americans have been encouraged, and in latter years they’ve even been threatened with a job loss, if they didn’t get an annual cold/flu shot. Some of the annual shots were effective and some weren’t, because even the smartest scientist could not predict the exact make-up of the virus coming next year. But all of those who got the annual shots have received a lot of anti-viral fluids injected into their bodies.

Now comes the pandemic we called the Wuhan Flu, or just CoViD, for those with a politically correct attitude. This virus was quite weak (99.7 percent of those people without a co-morbidity survived the illness) but this relative weakness still caused our government to trash our constitution, lockdown the nation, mandated masking, caused untold misery, joblessness, mental illness, drunkenness, drug addiction and many other negative sufferings for the American population, and allowed Democrats to use it to win the 2020 presidential election and take control of all businesses, schools and personal lives in America.

But the odd thing is that some people who refused to be injected by the Biden administration mandates survived the pandemic and were more active, healthy and far less fearful these last two years than those people who readily allowed themselves to be injected with an experimental, emergency-use drug.

Here’s the unscientific, yet logical assumption as to why non-vaxxed people thrived during the two-year-plus pandemic, but first let’s assume that those who got the covid vaccine also took the many cold/flu shots from previous years, and that those who refused the covid vaccine also refused the annual shots from years past. The theory is that those who got the covid vaccinations and still got sick following the shots, became sick because the covid vaccine was only partially effective, and they possibly responded negatively to the virus because all of the previous flu/cold shots caused their immune systems to become weakened or non-responsive as their bodies became dependent on the annual shots to provide antibodies foreign to the human body. So over time the body didn’t, or couldn’t, any longer provide natural defense, and left the patient open to a full covid attack which their weakened immune systems could no longer fend off naturally.

This theory could also partially explain why children and youngsters were so little impacted by the covid (although the Biden administration and the CDC ignored children’s natural resistance to the disease and still insisted on injecting them with an experimental substance) because the very youthfulness of the children meant that they had not been given previous years’ cold/flu shots, so their immune systems were strong and could ward off the disease more easily than adults, who had been taking flu shots for many years.

At the same time, the health and vigor of those adults who did not take the covid vaccine would be explained by the fact that many, if not all, of the non-vaxxers had not taken the cold/flu shots in previous years, and they survived the pandemic easily because their immune systems were strong from NOT having had useless drugs pumped into their bodies the past number of years, and their healthy immune systems rejected the covid disease easily, as it had rejected annual bouts of the flu in those previous years.

The term “use it before your lose it” has been stated about a number of events and situations in American society, but we accept the premise that ignoring parts of the body, like always riding short distances in a car when you could easily walk to your destination and gotten valuable exercise for your legs and heart and lungs in the process, while the non-use of your legs makes them weaker from their lack of use, possibly describes what happened with covid in a lazy society like America, where cars, as with annual flu shots, are used perhaps too much of the time when walking was possible. Maybe the annual flu shots, taken as a fearful precautionary way of avoiding a sore throat or a stuffy nose caused by that year’s flu infection, topped off by an experimental drug perhaps developed too quickly with the panicked intention of preventing covid infection, which it failed at miserably, caused a weakening of the immune systems of many people and allowed them to get really sick when the covid hit them.

Americans have possibly weakened ourselves and our immune systems making us no longer fully able to fight disease within our bodies. There have been many examples of people who are fully vaccinated and boosted still getting sick multiple times with covid, and they possibly got sick because of the vaccine, not in spite of it.

So maybe this is unfortunately a teachable moment, warning us to not pump even well-intentioned chemicals into our bodies just to avoid a sore throat and a runny nose, and let our bodies use their immune systems so as not to diminish immunity via misuse of unnecessary, and possibly dangerous, drugs.

But unfortunately government employees have become wealthy by permitting big pharma to develop new drugs, so there is little chance of allowing our bodies to do what they were designed to do, without artificial help from untested drugs.

I’m just sayin’.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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