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WRONG, JOE: You Are A Bigger Threat To Democracy Than January 6th

The Blue State Conservative

I did not tune in for a nanosecond to the predictably boring, empty, wrong, and hyperventilating media coverage of the first anniversary of January 6th.  For one, I have an actual job and a family. That darn real life gets in the way again. For another, I could have written every article and broadcast speech because we all know the talking points. Trump is bad, Trump is dangerous, Trump supporters are dangerous, and everything related to Trump is a threat to democracy. Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah, no asking about Ashli Babbitt’s videotaped murder or myriad examples of police brutality. Tsk tsk.

In service to readers of The Blue State Conservative, I did venture to CNN this morning to see what line or two from Brandon’s speech would be most powerful in their eyes. My guess going in was they would select a hackneyed line about Trump almost killing our democracy save for the heroism of the police. This, of course, sounds utterly ridiculous on so many levels. We don’t have a democracy, so there’s that. It’s a constitutional republic. Whatever you call it, it was certainly never under actual duress. Does anyone really believe our government almost fell apart? (And the more our government does its thing, is it so bad to wish it would?) And their sudden concern for the safety and wellbeing of police is about as hollow a gesture as humanly possible considering the alleged insurrection came on the heels of a year of chaos and anti-police sentiment.

I was right and wrong about the speech. As if the aforementioned gaslighting of the event weren’t bad enough, this is the line CNN proclaimed to be the most important of the entire speech:

You can’t love your country only when you win.”

For Brandon to pretend he loves this country is an affront to truth and common sense. He absolutely hates this country and he certainly hates people like me in it. From his first day in office he labeled me a white supremacist and during the massive psy-op stemming from George Floyd’s death told me I had my “knee of injustice on the neck of black America.” And I am constantly chided like a child as he expresses his constant disdain for my decision to resist vaccination. How about: I love my country and hate to see what you’re doing to it?

More generally speaking, it is impossible to think anyone on the political left and in the Democrat Party loves this country. It seems pretty obvious they hate it. Do you dismantle everything out of love? Do you burn down and ransack out of compassion? Do you imprison political opponents or label regular parents domestic terrorists out of heartfelt unity? What has Brandon done that shows love of country? Certainly not facilitating an open border, or surrendering foreign interests in Asia and the Middle East, or stealing from us and future generations through inflationary policies, or creating and fomenting social divisions based on race, gender, and vaccination status.


I don’t know how anyone takes Brandon seriously, but if they do, they are probably the same people that voiced extreme displeasure – to put it mildly – for the duration of the Trump presidency. I am sure they echoed Hillary’s claims that the 2016 election was stolen and that he was illegitimate. I would bet my house that if I spent a minute on an internet search engine I could find plenty of examples of articles about embarrassment, shame, disgust, and open hatred of this country because of Trump’s presence in the White House. I won’t waste my own time even typing those words in a search engine because I know I am 100% correct. Does anyone on their side even believe what he said?

Instead of reading those words off the teleprompter, how about Brandon’s care team mush them up so he can more easily chew and digest that filth. What a fraud.

The biggest J6 narrative that Democrats practice onanism over is the idea that our governing system of democratic origin and presumably the guiding principles for it found in the Constitution are worth valuing and were under attack. Brandon’s speech made sure to mention this, and included the phrase that Trump unleashed a “dagger at the throat of democracy.” You know that someone, somewhere was patting themselves on the back for that alliterative imagery. Too bad it’s all wrong and backwards.

Democrats hate the Constitution.

I know this because they compel speech. Ask anyone that works in the public sector or at a large corporation. I defy anyone to suggest men and women are the only two sexes and that people, despite whatever illusion they have in their heads, cannot wake up one day as the other kind.

I know this because they limit the freedom of the press. The Hunter Biden story is a famous piece from the election, but the propagandizing and censorship of anything related to Covid – treatments, severity, origins, counting, public health measures, vaccines, you name it – is truly frightening. And lest someone rebut that and say Big Tech did that, not Democrats, I would ask them to identify how they’re distinguishable.

I know this because they loathe gun ownership. This example seems self-evident.

I know this because they are willing to suspend due process for the purpose of holding overt political prisoners. At a time when every big-city DA is lessening bail and incarceration, somehow patriotic tourists have been detained indefinitely, and in awful conditions, in D.C. jails.

Do we really need to keep going with examples? They are everywhere and endless. Democrats hate this country. They absolutely hate democracy, which is again self-evident by their pursuit of vaccine passports and an ultimate technocratic hellscape. There is nothing democratic about mandating ineffective and unnecessary vaccines, but they sure do give elites insane power over a citizen’s ability to earn a paycheck, keep and have access to healthcare, and move within society.

Democrats are the real threat to democracy. Squishy Establishment Republicans don’t exactly serve the public interest and suffer from their own allegiances to Big Money, but leftism is an entirely different rot of one’s thinking and morality. I am far more concerned over the likes of Brandon and his voters taking the reins than I am of Donald Trump and his. During the day of phony genuflection and sobriety, Chuck Schumer thought it would be a good idea to repeal the filibuster again, ensuring a one-party rule over America.

Nothing says love of country like steamrolling the people in it. Brandon is entirely wrong. J6 wasn’t a threat to democracy.

He is.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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