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Which Border Is Higher Priority?

Every United States President promises the safety of our country under their administration and decisions while in office. This, of course, was also a promise that Biden gave to the American people.

Biden was under a lot of pressure since he was following one of the very few Presidents in our country’s history who went a full term without waging war. Without a doubt, Trump kept the United States out of harm’s way by keeping peace, and making peace, with many countries while in office. We were told that Biden’s administration could do better in that field.

In the beginning of Biden’s term as president, the concern was heavily on the crisis at the southern border. This was a concern raised by many Republicans who saw the dangers that were posing threats on our nation directly, while many Democrats wanted to ignore the subject and act as if this was not a danger at all.

Since then, to recent days, the mainstream media has ignored much that is going on along the Mexican-American border. Just because it is being ignored doesn’t mean that it has gone away. The issue is still there, and it is still very much real.

Since Biden’s inauguration as president in January of 2021, there have now been more than 2 million arrests at the southern border. Last December alone, there was a record-breaking 178,840 arrested at the border. This crisis was out of hand when it was the talking point, but it is just as much, if not more, so now.

With the Nation’s southern border in such a bad condition, why do we not hear more about fixing the issues? Instead the border that we keep hearing about is a border in a country almost halfway around the world.

As Russia presents itself as a threat to Ukraine, we keep hearing more about our own troops preparing to take care of the crisis in the European country’s border instead of the crisis within our own country. It was announced that on Monday, January 24, the pentagon put 8,500 troops on alert to be ready to deploy to Europe if they were needed.

Even though Russia doesn’t pose an immediate threat to the United States, the current administration is still more concerned with protecting and controlling the crisis in other countries rather than focusing on the one in our own country. Mainstream media is trying to distract the people from what is really important in our country. If the Democrats were as focused on the southern border and explained the dangers that arise, we could be one step closer to unity. That is what Biden promised to do for our country while in office, right?

Which border do you find more of a threat and deserving of our troops’ protection more?

Josh Mahler is the host of the Politically Insane Podcast. You can learn more by visiting his website https://www.politicallyinsane.us/

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