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What you need to know about cheap backlinks

Modern search engines use a huge variety of smart ranking algorithms. Backlinks are serving as a strong signal for them. However, they can recognize unnatural backlinking, turning into nothing all the time and costs that were spent on its creation. If you need to promote the positions of your website, but do not have a big budget for this purpose, pay attention to cheap backlinks and their providers.

This tool usually has minimal costs because of the posting on low authority resources. This fact can lead to the opinion that the utilization of cheap backlinking is a bad decision. However, blog prposting recommends using them because they also affect the results of search engines. 

Generally, to this group belong links from:

  • comments;
  • resources with low quality;
  • user profiles;
  • social media platforms.

Why are they underestimated? First and foremost, the reason is that we definitely know that linking from reputable resources with high quality promotes traffic. But cheap links can help to achieve the same result utilizing a tiered building process.

For this purpose, several backlinks are bought from reliable projects and they are boosted by tiers 1 and 2. Additionally, tiers 2 and 3 can give their value to the overall result. 

Therefore, you need to choose the strategy for your website development and use those types of cheap backlinking that can give you benefits.

How to Use Cheap Backlinking

If you really need a promotion, but there is no chance for a big budget, this type of backlinking serves its best. More than 10 links from comments, for example, can be provided without any additional costs. 

Mostly such backlinking occurs on Web 2.0 sites. However, high quality resources can be found to exchange links regularly. The main advice is to create a natural profile using all the available projects.

There are several strategies that are recommended for usage with backlinking:

  1. Get non-anchor linking from natural websites. Their total amount may exceed twice the number of anchor links.
  2. Increase the number of backlinks from resources with good reliability and related topics. The expansion of the link profile should not be very rapid.
  3. Use link exchange for websites in low competition niches.

Do not forget to analyze the link building strategy of your competitors. Remember, that your main aim is not to create the maximum amount of backlinks within a short period of time, but to increase its smoothly and regularly to provide the development of your resource.

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