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Trump Derangement Syndrome, The Left’s Revisionist History, And The Not-So-Great COVID Reset: Where Are The Thunderbirds Now?

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This time in history is bound to assume a place alongside The Black Plague, the First and Second World War, and The Cold War. Man, as we’ve seen over and over in this miserable pandemic debacle, can be as malignant a force as a microbe barely seen under an electron microscope. Right now, most of the world is afflicted by a virus made vicious by the machinations of a human in a lab in Wuhan, China, funded by money courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers. Doesn’t that beat all?

Watching Rand Paul rail at Fauci during a Senate hearing, the ever-adroit, ever-facile Tony had his responses down pat, even down to the exact duration of meaningless blather that would consume Paul’s eight minutes, thereby truncating Paul’s interrogation. Did Fauci dare glance at his watch as he began to wind down his nonsense to see if he needed to add a bit more high-sounding rhetoric to his response to Paul’s direct question: was he or was he not responsible for providing the funds for and requesting this gain-of-function virus? A simple yes or no would have sufficed. But, no, Fauci temporized and temporized, something that’s he’s become a master of in the fifty or so years he’s been putting on these little shuck-and-jive routines.

To the sympathetic ear (i.e., that of your typical non compos mentis radical liberal), Fauci sounded like the avuncular Uncle Tony we’ve come to know and trust all through the AIDS, SARS, Ebola, and now COVID epidemics. He did, though, allow himself to show seemly outrage at the attack on the important work he and his agency are doing. During this time of worldwide suffering not seen since World War II, should we be quibbling over how this unwelcome pathogen got its start?!

It’s human nature to want to lay the blame for a catastrophe on a thing or person. Hitler, Stalin, Yersinia pestis, and climate change. All right, let’s agree that Democrats would add Trump to that list. Right now, the focus does need to be on the people contending with the virus, be they the patients, caregivers, family members, scientists in their labs, teachers, social workers, or men and women of the cloth. Still, if the source of this virus goes unchallenged and the perpetrator is left free to continue his support of such dangerous research that could unleash another pathogen on a par with, or worse, than COVID, that person and all his cronies must be stopped, prosecuted for crimes against humanity, and put in jail or somewhere far from influence. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Fauci, who is charged with protecting the health of Americans, is guilty of breaking a law that has put the health of Americans (and the world) at serious risk up to an including a death count now in the millions. Would this qualify for a Nuremberg-type trial?

Damning evidence has now come to light in the form of panicked e-mails between Tony Fauci and the once great and now disgraced Francis Collins, who should have ended his career on a high note—the Human Genome Project. These e-mails show that in the early hours of the pandemic before most of the world had woken up to what was going on in Wuhan, China, the two were trying to figure out how the virus could be blamed on a poor pangolin in a cage in a wet market a couple of blocks from the Wuhan virology lab where the virus actually got its start.

While virologists around the world were likely slapping their hands to their foreheads and shouting at their flat-screen TVs that the virus had to have come from a lab, the mainstream media, convulsing from Trump Derangement  Syndrome in the months just prior to the 2020 election, gave absolutely no credence to the lab-leak claim. Why? Because the first virologist to call foul was a Trump supporter and regular guest on Fox News, and therefore doubly damned as a reliable source of information. And, because CNN, the NYT, the Washington Post, and SNL can be relied upon for total veracity in their coverage of the news, if Fauci said the virus was from a pangolin then it was from a pangolin, dammit! Who’d even heard of a pangolin before February of 2020?

I have to say on the topic of the mainstream media’s myopic coverage of the pandemic, The New Yorker really took the prize. In their Shouts and Murmurs section in an issue that came out soon after we’d flattened the curve, someone wrote a piece praising the Army Corps of Engineers for the wonderful hospital tents they’d erected in Central Park for an overflow of COVID patients, something that proved unnecessary. That encomium dealt with, the writer immediately segued into an attack on Trump, saying in the snidely patronizing manner used by all mainstream media when talking about Trump, that Trump had absolutely nothing to do with getting this or anything good done. He’d done nothing during the pandemic to stop it, and things were far worse than they should have been if, say, Kamala Harris, and not Mike Pence, had been in charge of the day-to-day response to COVID. What?

This sparks a memory of people going outside and clapping at a designated time in May or June 2020 to show their appreciation to the health-care workers who’d gotten us through that awful time of the COVID-19 A1.1 infection. The hospital ships sent to New York and L.A., the hospital tents, the daily updates from Trump and Pence and their COVID task force, those didn’t happen(?) Trump did nothing(?)

And then I remember the day that the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds came to my city. They were flying over a number of American cities by way of showing America’s and Americans’ appreciation for the hard work of these people who’d brought us through those awful days. Everyone was cheering and also patting themselves and others on their backs for together winning out over the virus.

What happened to the heady days of hospital ships and flyovers of The Thunderbirds and the comradery we all experienced in having flattened the curve and won out against COVID?

Now, it’s all strife and dissent and threats of a not-so-great reset, of vaccine and mask mandates, of strident pro-vaxxers vs. anti-vaxxers, and of even worse variants of COVID to come. Our cheer and coming together to fight COVID, like we did the Nazis and the Japanese Empire, have all vanished. Did they even happen? Where are The Thunderbirds and the cheering now?

One thing is for sure, if we don’t come together and stand strong, we’ve lost the war, and I don’t mean the war against COVID.

Featured photo is a YouTube screengrab from ABC- 10 News

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Betty Louise Tyndale

Betty Louise Tyndale is a retired medical and scientific author and editor, and is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

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