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The White House Is Donald Trump’s To Lose

The Blue State Conservative

The current occupant of the Oval Office has proven to be just as clueless as anyone with a functional brain knew he was before he wasn’t elected. It was obvious from jump street that Joe Biden was purely a puppet for the elite who needed Donald Trump out of their way. But, a year in, we find that calling Clueless Joe a puppet is an insult to Howdy Doody, Charlie McCarthy, Kermit the Frog, and Jeff Dunham’s entire cast of characters. Biden makes “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” look like a brain surgeon.

Enough time has passed since the thievery we call “the 2020 Presidential Election” that even those who hated Trump enough to actually support the puddin’head are dropping him like a recently-spewed hunk of lava. It’s been bad since the inauguration, but it’s gotten so much worse that at this point a ham and cheese sandwich could defeat Biden in 2024. What’s worse for Sleepy Joe, a ham and cheese sandwich with a (D) beside its name could easily trounce him (and will) in the primary, and in another week or so it won’t even need the cheese.

So what does all of this mean for the most popular President in modern history, who received more legitimate votes than anyone ever has before (and doesn’t seem to have lost any of his electoral support)?

It means the 2024 White House is Donald Trump’s to lose.

But here there be monsters, and the Donald must quickly and efficiently address them if the sailing is to be as smooth as polling, and common sense, would indicate.

There are five distinct realities that could derail an otherwise smoothly-gliding Trump Train. The first two of these are deli items; Biden-whooping ham and cheese sandwiches called “Hillary Clinton” and “Michelle Obama”. Clinton’s power wasn’t enough to defeat Trump in their first engagement, and it has diminished significantly while Orangeman’s strength has only increased, but it’s a mistake to think that the Hilldabeast is incapable of finding a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Her machine isn’t what it once was, and neither is (or will be) the Democrat cheat machine that nearly installed her the first time, but two things are true that weren’t true before; Biden has made Hillary look downright Presidential, and the Democrats have absolutely nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by pulling out what few stops they left in November of 2020. Hillary still enjoys wide acceptance and even admiration within the Democrat party, at least among those who haven’t yet been Epsteined. As of today, that number still represents approximately half the country. Next week it could be less – depends on how many of them have dirt on Mr. or Mrs. Clinton, and how many of those decide to, you know, kill themselves – but as of this moment there’s a pretty large number of fools who would actually vote for this woman. Trump contended with that before, but he’d himself be a fool if he took the Clinton threat lightly.

Of bigger concern, the Michelle Obama threat is very real. The mistake here is in believing that she’s a lightweight who has no business being President. Let’s get real – since when has that ever kept anyone out of the Oval Office? Can you say “W”? I thought you could. And let’s keep in mind the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There are homeless people encamped within sight of the White House who are better qualified (and received as many legitimate votes) as the softnoggin who currently flies via Air Force One. Capability, personality, appearance, experience – none of these mean one whit when it comes to Presidential politics. The election of 2000 proved that (if George W. Bush and Al Gore were the best and brightest America had to offer, the country actually died twenty years ago and the corpse simply hasn’t yet collapsed to the ground).

The fact is that Big Mike is significantly popular, and has made many strides in the right direction (even if she hasn’t done so with the intention of making a run for President). She’s maintained visibility, and smartly has done so within precisely the “customer base” she’d need in order to pull it off (suburban women, particularly mothers). This is a demographic Trump struggles with as it is; having a candidate who could easily sweep that lot up could spell trouble even for the ever-popular DJT.

Of all the monsters The Donald must handle wisely, Michelle Obama is the greatest of the threats.

Ron DeSantis is another. DeSantis is a future President; of this there is little doubt. And he’s a good one, very well-liked and respected within the Republican party and the America-first nation as a whole. In fact, it is only the continued presence of Donald Trump that prevents DeSantis from being not only the presumptive GOP nominee but the overall victor in 2024. The two people who know that more than any others are Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

A head-to-head battle between these two is so monumentally foolish for both of them, and for the country. I am hopeful that the wiser leaders of the party, as well as the advisers to these participants themselves, find a way to convince both men that for the immediate future it is important that they find ways to not only NOT butt heads but to actually get along and work together. In combination, the two of them are absolutely unbeatable. Put Hillary and Michelle together on the same ticket and I don’t think they could sidetrack a Trump/DeSantis super train. If the two of them can agree to have both of their names on yard signs and flags, you’re looking at the most popular White House team in history.

That’s going to require that DeSantis allow the famous Trump Ego to rule. Florida Ron may be able to accept second-billing; Florida Donald simply cannot. Biding his time for four or eight years (to be honest I’m really not sure how the next Trump administration might ultimately go down, or for how long) will ensure DeSantis his day – delayed though it may be – in the big chair. Pushing for it now, though, may usher in a surprise defeat for the GOP in 2024, and that would in all likelihood be the end of the party and the nation.

Trump has to make it a point to make nice with DeSantis; say nice things, do nice things, and quite possibly offer him the VP spot. He CANNOT let his otherwise-uncontrollable mouth wind up pitting the two of them against one another. That’s a mistake of colossal proportion.

The fourth reality that stands to shake the wheels from the Trump apple cart is Donald’s continued insistence on up-talking the failed COVID “vaccine”. His stock answer from this point forward should be:

“We – my administration – were faced with a great unknown that threatened humanity, so we had to make immense strides toward getting a handle on it. We instituted Operation Warp Speed toward that end, and developed in record time a number of vaccines that effectively mitigated the damage from the immediate threat. However, since that time new information has come to light, including the existence of effective protocols that are much cheaper, safer, and more effective than the emergency vaccines that were developed. It is becoming more clear every day that these emergency measures are now not only inappropriate but potentially unsafe. For these reasons I no longer support them.

Failing to adopt this language puts him squarely at odds with both the demonstrated science and wide swaths of his base that vehemently oppose the non-vaccine “vaccines” in every possible way. A statement like this allows him to take legitimate credit for addressing a very serious issue when it was actually a serious issue but gives him a face-saving out that permits him to exit the vaccine debate with dignity. It’s a rote answer that never needs to be changed, no matter how much he’s pushed on the issue. It covers the necessary bases, and shores up the support he may need from those of us (like me) who not only view the non-vaccine “vaccines” as purposeful government manipulation, but as potential killers (both now and in the future) the devastating results of which will eventually come to rest upon someone’s head. Trump cannot keep volunteering his famous locks for that crown.

Finally, the other monster that absolutely must be addressed, sadly enough, is President Trump’s personal safety. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. The threat that Trump represents to the global elite and their nefarious plans for the world is real. The Trump threat to China (and therefore the Chinese threat to Trump) is real. Even the threat that Iran represents to the President is real. Any of these things alone would be enough to cause worry, but reality tells us that these threats can actually combine! It is not at all inconceivable that the worldwide cabal could facilitate an Iranian attempt; that the Deep State could push a TDS-afflicted assailant too far; or that the deep, DEEP state that engineered the greatest election theft in history, in broad daylight and unconcerned about the obviousness of it all, could physically, permanently eliminate a Trump resurrection even from within his own camp. It was all fun and games when Donald Trump couldn’t possibly beat Hillary; now that the Hilldabeast has lost an eye proving that it’s Trump who is nigh unbeatable, it’s not at all out of the question that someone could be planning a Seth Rich moment for the President. Fortunately, I don’t believe Donald Trump ever sleeps, so he needn’t do so with one eye open. Unfortunately, he’s up against a group (or groups) so brutal and practiced at eliminating their rivals that he may want to excavate a deep, deep bunker at Mar-a-Lago, and I don’t mean the kind rich people lose golf balls in.

Jeffrey Epstein was locked in solitary confinement in a federal prison. Look how much good it did him.

If Donald Trump takes (at least) these five monsters seriously and handles them properly, there is no question who will be elected (for a third time) President in 2024. The White House is his to lose.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

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