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President Joe Biden’s Schedule for Saturday, January 8, 2022


President Joe Biden will attend a memorial service then head to Camp David for the weekend.

President Joe Biden’s Itinerary for 1/8/22

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  • 2:00 PM Attend memorial service for former Senator Harry Reid
  • 4:15 PM Depart Las Vegas en route to Camp David
  • ? Arrive at Camp David for another vacation weekend

White House Briefing Schedule

  • None

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  1. Brandon’s actual itinerary:
    11:55AM: Wake up

    12:40PM: If a female Secret Service officer is on duty, prance around naked in front of her on way to shower- if not, skip shower.

    1:20PM: Breakfast- Fruit Loops with sweetened condensed milk.

    1:50PM: Dental appointment- forgot he has false teeth

    2:00PM: Call obamaramadingdong for day’s marching orders.

    2:30PM: Get butt wiped

    2:31PM: Change Depends.

    3:00PM: Get butt wiped again and change Depends.

    3:01PM: Call a lid.

    1. This has got to be the largest scandal of all presidents (And media cover up), a senile brain dead bag of bones sitting in his shitty diaper and wait for others to demand what he does! Keeping him in office for no other reason, scores are at the bottom of the sewer, cannot any longer concentrate on the teleprompter, cannot complete more than two sentences of sense. Out there screaming lies after lies, He was supposed to give a trueful account of the 1-6-21 capital event, it did not happen and if it had would have been his first TRUEFULL comment in his career….. FU BRANDON! The DESTROYER of our country! —
      With others guidance!

  2. The article Can Sleepy Joe fix inflation? HELL NO, he makes a mess of what ever he has tried for almost 50 years in service not one bill he has created ever became approved!!! He cannot function in a positive mannor so how can he fix anything –HE HAS CAUSED ALL OF THIS!!!! He inherited a 100% bustling successful economy first thing he closes down the pipe line destroying 100’s of thousands out of work Then he goes back to purchasing fuels from our enemies after he was handed a 100% self sufficient fuel of the country by the country and for the country resulting in a 60 % increase in fuels costs, He has raised taxes over and over after running on the middle class will never have an increase! LIES!!!! He has destroyed our immage to the world, HE has put our country at risk of being attacked with his weak performance and do nothing attitude, HE left our citizens and allies behind in Afghanistan! And the list goes on and on and on. SO NO HE IS NOT CAPABLE OF FIXING ANYTHING, MUCH LESS THE INFLATION (HE) HAS CREATED!!!!

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