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Mainstream media begins character assault of Ashli Babbitt ahead of January 6

Let the character assaults begin! We all knew that the mainstream media in coordination with the Democrats would start something ahead of January 6.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she was going to hold special events to “preserve the narrative.” She wants everyone to know that the Democrats won and that everyone else involved is pure evil. It seems that The Associated Press is willing to play along.

On Monday, they ran an article that is essentially a character assault of Ashli Babbit. Throughout the article, they want to paint her as a person who was violent and always looking for a fight.

They highlight a story from her past, where Babbitt had an affair with her now-husband. In a completely one-sided story, The Associated Press presented the situation that Babbitt was violent towards the woman and brought up the charges that the woman had brought against Babbitt.

Except Babbitt was acquitted of those charges. They write the story as if Babbitt used her military service as an excuse to do what she wanted. This is nothing more than a coordinated attack with the Democrats in order to continue pushing that narrative that Pelosi wants to memorialize.

I am not saying that Babbitt was a perfect person, I never met her. The stories that were told by everyone who remembered her after the fact told a completely different side of Babbitt than the one that this AP story tells. They shared how she was a great person, a patriot, and how she loved her country.

They also shared how they have no doubt if Babbitt had heard any instructions from the Capitol officer, such as stop or that she was being arrested, she would have complied. The story from the Capitol officer says she was never told those things. He said he shot because he said he did not know if the person was armed or not.

The AP will no doubt say that they felt they needed to get this story out to help present both sides of the narrative. Don’t believe that for one minute. This is not about telling both sides of the narrative. If they were interested in telling both sides of the narrative, they would have actually looked into and reported on election fraud in 2020.

If they were concerned about looking into all sides of a story, they would look into the truth behind the massive spending plans of the Democrats. They would also look into the hypocrisy of the Democrats as they issue tyrannical rules for Americans but party it up in South Beach or other private parties.

This is not about telling a story or investigating what is really worth investigating. Instead, they will use “investigation” to attempt to smear anyone and everyone ahead of January 6.

If they get away with this, you better buckle up. The next step is to go after anyone and everyone who has ever claimed to be a conservative.

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