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Comply, Don’t Die: But Only If You’re An Innocent Victim In New York

The Blue State Conservative

Every so often, I watch recorded Jordan Peterson speeches. In one, he observed that postmodernists, in their craze to build an endless victimhood hierarchy through intersectionality, would eventually realize that, as Western Civilization figured out long ago, the greatest minority is the individual. The huge caveat came last: If they don’t kill us all first. The reply got some nervous laughs from the audience, and why not? The possibility of murderous totalitarian regimes in formerly free countries is not zero and each day looks more frighteningly plausible. I have the video posted at the bottom (time stamp 1:45:15 for the clip).

The comment from Peterson highlights the leftist worldview that is both ignorant of human nature and purposefully destructive of human nature. Eventually, though, they do speak truths. Take Covid, for example. Democrats are noticing that Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths might be overcounted. There is now concern for young people emotionally and academically stunted by the nonsensical and evil public health measures. Everything that was once a conspiracy or Trumpist talking point is now either recognized as fact or at least not censored on social media anymore.

Of course, leftism would not have any standards if it did not have double standards, and the only explanation for what seems to be an approximation toward natural law or basic reality is not worthy of celebration. It is worthy of contempt. Leftists, or as Peterson calls them, postmodernists, never settle on objective truths because of awakening to facts; instead, they use only what is politically convenient and expedient. Again, with Covid, the overnight shift in messaging is not the result of a scientific epiphany or miraculous new ability to parse through data. No, it is merely to get ahead of the next news cycle. Omicron is a bust. The vaccines are a bust. Kids are still not at risk. Is it any wonder the Brandon Administration shared news of a deadly winter for the unvaxxed and a celebration that Covid could be defeated within the same week?

All of this brings me to the latest ‘realization’ of leftist tyrants around policing. In New York, the new District Attorney, who goes by the name Alvin Bragg but might as well be called Malcolm X Kendi IV or some amalgamation of the most simultaneously hate-filled and luckiest blacks to ever live. (And before that comment gets merely racialized, anyone living in America is among the most privileged human beings in the history of mankind. Period.) In the latest Soros-funded proclamation, Malcolm X. Kendi IV announced that his office would not prosecute felons for armed robbery that didn’t result in physical harm. That’s not a typo or misrepresentation of his ideas; you read that correctly. His news release stated the following:

“Armed robbers who use guns or other deadly weapons to stick up stores and other businesses will be prosecuted only for petty larceny, a misdemeanor, provided no victims were seriously injured and there’s no “genuine risk of physical harm” to anyone. Armed robbery, a class B felony, would typically be punishable by a maximum of 25 years in prison, while petty larceny subjects offenders to up to 364 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.”

In other words, when the bad guys come – and they will – to steal, thieve, and loot by force, the victims should not resist. After all, a bad guy with a gun in the face of resistance is more likely to use that weapon. Store owners and homeowners should acquiesce to the poor, presumably black robbers, because of generational poverty and systemic racism. Comply, don’t die.


We have all heard those words before. Comply, don’t die. It’s almost as if every hero and martyr of Black Lives Matter had a choice to comply with the lawful commands of police officers after they were caught doing something illegal. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Daunte Wright, George Floyd, and countless others would all be alive right now were it not for their insistence on physical resistance. They didn’t, and so they died. When that obvious fact is pointed out, it’s decried as racist by the left. How? In what way? What if the police officer is black too? It never matters and is certainly never explained.

Peterson darkly joked that these fools might kill us all, and nothing more clearly exemplifies this than evil fools keeping bad people in society. In their warped minds, it magically reduces the number of incarcerated black felons. However, the cost of such a delusion is the repeated harm done to the people most deserving to live in a free and safe world.

It feels too simplistic to point out how in a sane world the notion of ‘comply, don’t die’ makes more sense when applied to violent criminals being legally apprehended by police (who don’t want to have to use force, by the way) than when applied to Grandpa Joe looking down the barrel of De’Quarion’s stolen handgun. That being said, although the left is ruled by evil tyrants it is populated by clueless rubes, so we must begin at the very bottom to reach the masses. The city of New York, as all leftist bastions are, is watching in real-time the destruction of a great society. It used to be that a conservative was a liberal mugged by reality, but increasingly it looks almost impossible to make a conservative out of anybody. What happened?

It saddens me to think that many New Yorkers will, unfortunately, have to experience firsthand the impact of their voting. They have had a chance to observe Chesa Boudin and Kim Foxx and so many others run their urban communities into the ground, and they even lived through relative safety thanks to broken window theory applications, so there is no excuse for providing Malcom X. Kendi IV control of the playground. Lucky for them, a conservative-leaning Supreme Court will at least bail out potential gun owners and enable greater access to firearms for defensive purposes. Too bad they will have to use them more frequently now.

Who knows, being mugged by reality might not be a powerful enough teacher anymore, but perhaps watching the body count tickle up by the requisite ‘physical harm’ for incarceration in those muggings might do the trick for the surviving few.

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