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WTA shows everyone, especially the NBA, how they should deal with China

The Women’s Tennis Association was not playing around. They had told the Chinese Communist Party that they would pull all events from the nation unless they addressed the Peng Shuai situation appropriately.

Peng has been under pressure to counter her accusations of sexual assault. China wants to cover what is happening and refuses to investigate the situation. There were many concerns over Peng’s safety.

So on Wednesday, the WTA announced all events in China, including Hong Kong, were going to be pulled. The move will significantly hurt the CCP and their continued efforts to give the appearance of being a “decent” communist regime.

The WTA gave the perfect example of how this situation should be dealt with. Any and all events that may give China any recognition amid their continued human rights violations should be canceled or moved. That’s exactly what Sen. Ted Cruz seemed to suggest that the Beijing Olympics, scheduled to start in February, should have been moved from the nation.

One other prominent organization is in the public eye. The NBA and LeBron James, who has never been shy about speaking on societal issues, have both remained silent. Many have called out the group for their actions in overlooking the human rights violations. But does this really surprise us?

In 2019, the NBA bowed to the pressure from China amid statements made on Twitter by a team staff member. At that time, it was reported that if the NBA lost its business in China, it would lose over 10% of its global revenue. The USA Today suggested this was billions of dollars in revenue.

The WTA will certainly face financial pressures due to their decision. The NY Times suggests the move will cost them over $150 million. That’s not just a little bit of the organization’s revenue, but the overwhelming majority.

That’s the difference between an organization that says it believes something and one that actually does. The NBA created its social justice program and they claim to stand for human rights and ethical treatment of all. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about the money.

LeBron James wants to criticize a 17-year-old who acted in self-defense, protect felons and other criminals here in the US, and pander to the radical agenda that he cares about the treatment of people. When another athlete shares she was sexually assaulted and her communist nation refuses to address it, he remains silent.

How many millions or billions is LeBron James making off China?

For LeBron and the NBA, if you actually believe what you say, prove it. Tell China that you are going to cancel any games, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, and other revenue streams for the communist nation. Prove the point that human rights are important to you.

It is just another reason that Americans have moved on from the NBA. They are more interested in cashing their communist paycheck than being an ethical organization.

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