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Republicans And Democrats – Dumb And Dumber

The Blue State Conservative

Conservatives used to refer to Republicans as the stupid party and Democrats as the evil party.  I’d like to suggest that “Dumb and Dumber” are also appropriate – and the dumber party is still evil.

How stupid is the dumb party?  The Republicans still count Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney among their ranks – that’s how dumb.  The two of them thought it would be smart to vote to impeach President Trump, even though the Democrats brought no evidence of wrongdoing.  Heck, the Dems didn’t even do an investigation for the second impeachment.  And these two geniuses didn’t see that it was about politics not wrongdoing?

The Republicans are so lame, they couldn’t even get John McCain to vote down Obamacare – after he’d run on a platform to vote down Obamacare.

When the dumber party – that would be the Dems – didn’t have the votes to pass the infrastructure bill, Republicans came to the rescue.  13 dumb congressmen and 19 dumb senators voted to pass the infrastructure bill that was short on infrastructure and long on leftist causes.  These “smart people” did it because “infrastructure” sounded good to them.  They didn’t actually read the bill, because in Speaker Antoinette’s house, Congressmen vote on bills before they read them.  But rather than insist on reviewing the contents, 32 members of the dumb party voted for it anyway.

That’s not smart.

But are the Democrats really the dumber party?  Exhibit “A” is Joseph Robinette Biden.  He is a man who has never accomplished anything honest in his life.  He is a demonstrable racist.  He just imposed a travel ban on South Africa, which we were assured is a totally racist thing to do.  He also can’t keep his hands off of little girls in public, and is in obvious cognitive decline.  Shockingly, he was the best the Dems had to offer against Trump.  So, the answer to the question would be a great big Yup!

But the person who was the Democrat party’s second best – the person they hung their future on – is Kamala Harris.  The woman who slept her way to the top of California politics, and cackles annoyingly every time she’s asked a question, is not adding anything to the Dems’ cognitive reserve.

Both “Heels Up” Harris and President Gremlin are faltering, so the Dems are looking at their bench and calling up Mayor Pete.  That would be the Department of Transportation Secretary that took 2 months of maternity leave in the middle of a transportation crisis.  While he was changing diapers, other Americans couldn’t get diapers – because they were stuck on cargo ships anchored off the coast of California.  But when he came back to work, he didn’t work on the supply chain crisis.  He worked on new ways to tax motorists.  The Democrat party’s third best, is at his best, when he’s not at work at all.

So yes, the Democrats are dumber than the Republicans – and they’re still evil too.

Maybe that explains why Americans are fed up with politicians and are turning to outsiders to lead the country.  Sending a real estate developer to the Oval Office wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  Trump said he wanted to go to Washington to get things done. Surprise!  He actually got stuff done rather than made excuses for why he couldn’t.  We haven’t seen that for a while.

The Donald may be gearing up for an encore performance in the White House.  If he does, I’d like to suggest that he appoint Ed Durr – the trucker who won a seat on the New Jersey State Senate – to be the new transportation secretary.  Ed may not have any novel ideas for new taxes, but I’m guessing he’ll know exactly how to get trucks across the California boarder to unload those waiting ships.  Also, his kids are fully grown, so we won’t need to worry about him taking family leave in the middle of a crisis.

There would be no better choice to lead Health and Human Services than my wife.

Her standard pandemic response is lots of hand washing and copious amounts of chicken soup – which works better than anything “Two-Mask” Fauci came up with.

She’s also been saying for a year and a half that the wu-flu came from a Chinese lab – so she’s pretty smart too.

There’s got to be a mother or father, who homeschooled their kids, that could serve as the Secretary of Education.  Someone who isn’t a servant to the teacher’s unions.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone who considers it the department’s mission to educate rather than indoctrinate children?

Could there be a lineman out there that we could tap to lead the Department of Energy?  He might have some ideas about how to keep the lights on without burning down the forests when the wind blows.  He might even understand that begging from OPEC isn’t the way to lower gas prices.

Trump should keep the Presidential Envoy for Climate.  But he should replace John Kerry with a California farmer and green light him to turn the irrigation back on in California.  Think of the carbon offset we could claim from all those fields turning nasty carbon dioxide into glorious oxygen – and vegetables.  That’s a “green new deal” we can all get behind.

For the Department of Defense, the Donald should hold an episode of The Apprentice.  People interested in being the Secretary of Defense or members of the Joint Chiefs should apply.  Civilians and all military ranks are welcome.  Qualification will not be judged by the number of gold stars they got for good behavior in the five-sided daycare center.  Interviews should be conducted by asking one question: What is the mission of the Department of Defense?  Any answer that doesn’t start with the word “power” and end with how to use it, results in, “You’re fired.”  Any mention of social justice or gender equity will also get the applicant laughed at on their way out.

Which brings us to the problematic Department of Justice – which should be episode 2 of The Apprentice remake.  The DoJ has been poorly led for one simple reason:

When the law is applied by immoral people, it results in tyranny, not justice (looking at you Garland).  We grant prosecutors the power of discretion so that they may apply the law in pursuit of justice.  But prosecutors with no moral compass can also apply the law to reward their cronies and persecute their opponents.  For at least the last 13 years (maybe more) “justice” has been the missing word at the Department of Justice.  It’s better to have a legal neophyte with a strong sense of morality, than a legal genius with no sense of right or wrong.  Maybe the Donald could find an old country pastor who would be a good Attorney General.  A few sermons at the DoJ about right, wrong, and justice may be just what law enforcement needs.  Everyone else in the DoJ should be required to reapply for their jobs and be interviewed by Trump and Pastor Attorney General.  I expect we’ll hear “you’re fired” a lot (looking at you Bruce Ohr and Christopher Wray).

Americans have been looking for the right politicians to lead us.  But we’ve been looking in the wrong place.  The right people to run America were never professional politicians.  The right people have always been working Americans – albeit with some political skills.  Politicians are good at pontificating about things they know little about.  Working Americans know how to make things work.

Political positions and government jobs weren’t originally intended to be lifetime sinecures.  Our founders envisioned a government staffed by average citizens, who would serve for a short time and then return to their farms and shops.  Our founders were really smart men.

Image by chayka1270 from Pixabay

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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