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Professional Sports Again Prove the Folly of Vaccines and “COVID Protocols”

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Some of the healthiest people on the planet are being managed by some of the dumbest people on Earth. According to Vice, the NFL is now a “COVID superspreader.” With the playoffs beginning in almost exactly one month, there are—as of this writing (the list has been growing daily)—nearly 100 (out of approximately 1700) players on the NFL’s COVID-19 list.

Tellingly, Vice notes that “Sixty-five players have tested positive in the last two days, including a single-day record on Monday of 37 new cases.” So again we have an “outbreak” among those who’ve merely “tested positive” for the Wuhan Virus. The Vice article goes on to mention how the NBA and the NHL are dealing with “outbreaks” of positive Wuhan Virus tests.

Without one mention of a player who’s actually sick, seven times the Vice piece uses the phrase “tested positive” or a close derivative. Several more times Wuhan Virus “test” or “testing” is mentioned. No mention of hospitalizations, no mention of deaths, just “tests.” What’s more, over 94% of NFL players are “vaccinated” (that definition keeps changing). Additionally, 97% of the NBA is “vaccinated”—with over 60% having received their “booster dose”—and reportedly only four NHL players remain “unvaccinated.”

Thus, the “outbreak” of positive tests in U.S. professional sports has occurred in spite of what is certainly some off the highest rates of vaccination of any large group of people the world over. Also, these “outbreaks” complete contradict the notion—recently spouted by Joe Biden himself and enforced by Twitter censors—that the vaccinated “do not spread the disease to anybody else.”

Nevertheless, the NFL is doubling down on its anti-science, data-ignorant policies. According to ABC News, “The NFL is requiring players, coaches and other team personnel to receive a COVID-19 booster by Dec. 27.” The NFL has larger rosters, and much more human-to-human contact than either the NBA or the NHL, yet in nearly two seasons now in the COVID-era, the NFL has reported virtually zero serious illnesses due to the Wuhan Virus.

At the end of last season—which was played when almost no one was vaccinated—the NFL, in conjunction with the CDC, revealed that there was zero evidence of “on-field transmission” of the Wuhan Virus. Additionally, in spite of rampant testing, there were few positive tests amongst NFL personnel, and again, virtually no one got seriously ill from the Wuhan Virus. In spite of this, the NFL got completely on board the Wuhan Virus vaccine train. And look what it got them! It seems the NFL is still refusing to believe its own data.


The AP reports that, because of “rising coronavirus numbers around the league,” the NBA may return to daily testing for players and coaches. When are these fools going to learn that the Wuhan Virus is simply going to do what viruses do? And no amount of testing and other foolish “protocols” is going to change this.

When are these organizations going to stop pretending that the young and healthy have ever been in any serious danger from the Wuhan Virus? Much of the rest of the U.S.—at least those of us on “team reality”—have long understood what this virus really is, and who’s at risk from it. Cancelling games, pulling players, more widespread testing, and the like is nothing more than further pandemic theatre. If there are more game cancellations and loss of time for players with “positive tests,” it won’t be due to another “outbreak” of the Wuhan Virus, but it will be due to yet another foolish reaction to the Wuhan Virus.

Perhaps these league executives are not as dumb as I think they are. Like the Democrat Party, perhaps they have decided to continue to play politics with this virus, using it as a means to control others. Perhaps American professional sports owners and executives have decided that such tactics will aid and abet the Democrat Party. Whatever the case, “team reality”—as much as it exists within the players associations—needs to stand up to this evil.

Featured photo by Alexandra_Koch at Pixabay.

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