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Omicron Panic the Latest Powerplay by Tyrants in their War on Freedom

“Accept nothing at face value, question everything, and make your decisions based on logic and reality backed by irrefutable facts. Once you arrive at this position, all doubt will disappear, a light will shine, and real knowledge will be the result. This attitude can only lead to a clear understanding of self, and truth will then and only then become apparent.”—Gary Barnett

As we all know, the omicron variant is nothing to fear, yet the tyrants don’t care as they shut down classes and threaten Christmas.

Anthony Fauci, known as “The Science” in his warped egotistical mind, said this week that “with omicron breathing down our back, things could get really bad, particularly for the unvaccinated. The vaccinated and those who are boosted I believe will be relatively well protected, at least against severe disease.”

This despite, as Zero Hedge reported, the data from South Africa, where omicron was discovered, shows there is nothing to omicron. It is mild, as has been said over and over again by researchers looking at it. Fauci is intentionally spreading fear.

Of course, it isn’t just Fauci. It’s the entire globalist dictatorial class.

The UK is now claiming they have the first death from omicron which Boris Johnson, the nation’s prime minister, is using to push fear.

But, the government is not forthcoming at all about the details of the death, according to Paul Joseph Watson with Summit News. No age, no preexisting condition info, no vax status. The government won’t say anything.

Karol Sikora, an oncologist and professor of medicine, said in response: “Were they in hospital for Covid or were they there because they had been run over by a bus? Have they had booster? Are they elderly?”

“There are all sorts of nuances to this thing, and we’re not being given proper information. No details have been released…. I suspect that it’s a death, which is unfortunate, but is due to something else, and it just happens to be Covid positive. That’s why they’re not making a big noise about them being vaccinated or not,” Sikora added.

The tyrants are now estimating another two to three years of tyranny, that coming from the European Center for Disease and Control.

These authoritarians are liars hellbent on controlling us. The Centers for Disease Control has been caught lying about American “vaccination” rates as has the U.K. government.

This has been a war on us, not a war on any virus, from the very beginning in March of 2020. They even have their own “scientists” who are desperately working to find the next variant to keep the people trapped in fear. And they have a compliant media, as journalist Alex Berenson exposed, that is buying into the same propaganda that they’re peddling making it easier for them to bow down to their overlords writing their scripts.

Yes, this is Operation Omicron, the latest battle in the war on free thinkers, as Brian Shilhavy wrote for Vaccine Impact.

“If you are among those who have not succumbed to the psychological warfare that has been inflicted upon the world through the ‘war against the COVID-19 virus’ and remain unvaccinated with a healthy heart and sound mind, get ready for the next phase of this ‘war’ against the ‘virus,’ as Operation Omicron is about to be unleashed, and there are going to be massive casualties, all blamed on you and me, the unvaccinated,” Shilhavy wrote.

Shilhavy added: “They have almost completed their takeover of the U.S. hospital system by firing all the sane and ethical staff that refused the bioweapon shots, and implemented COVID protocols that are actually designed to bring in great profits while reducing the population of those sick with weakened immune systems.”

Indeed, the Biden regime is issuing threats. Jeff Zients, Biden’s COVID-19 response coordinator, said: “For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death.”

Also, the profits are huge. Pfizer is now projecting $50-$60 billion in “vaccine” sales since omicron was created after originally projecting $36 billion. And, they project annual sales continuing with up to $25 billion in 2027 because there will never be an end to the boosters.

James Howard Kunstler writes that the only threat to humanity is Fauci and his cronies. The tyrants need to be resisted. It’s up to us. And if we fail to act, we deserve everything that is to come.

“Plenty of ordinary citizens are furious over the insidious and insane incursions of the political Wokery hitched to the Covid emergency — the race and gender hustles, the efforts to rig elections, the absurd spending programs aimed at countless grifting operations, the disastrous monetary inflation, and the invasion of opportunists from all over the world across our border with Mexico. Even at Christmas time, with all its transient preoccupations, it’s not too much to ask: where do you stand?” Kunstler wrote.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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