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Joe Biden says he is proud that Americans are struggling during the holidays this year

In an absolutely bizarre statement, President Joe Biden claims that Americans have more money in their pockets this year than they did last year. He made the comment on Twitter and said that he was proud of his accomplishment.

But it’s very well known that the average American family does not have more money in their pockets this year. They actually have far, far less.

Gas prices have remained significantly higher as the release from the strategic oil reserves has done little to ease pain at the pumps. Americans are paying more each week for groceries. They are paying more for cars if they can find them.

Americans are even struggling as they enter the holiday shopping season, struggling to find items on shelves. It’s a continuation of the ridiculous supply chain issues that Joe Biden and his regime created. Joe Biden is proud of that.

Even mainstream media outlets, like NBC News, admitted that inflation is hurting Americans. Any wage gains that Americans have experienced have been lost over the past year. Not just lost, but they have lost more than they have made. That’s a problem.

It does not matter how good that Democrats may claim the economy is, Americans are struggling. As prices for items soar, they are being forced out of their jobs. They are being forced to either take a vaccine they do not want or be forced to find alternative employment. It is something many Americans have already opted for.

But Joe Biden is proud of that. He is proud that many Americans are struggling this year to pay for items that they were not struggling to pay for a year ago. He is happy that you and your family are not able to spend on items, all while facing the continued threat of government mandates.

He is not proud because it has been beneficial for you, but he is proud because it will continue to force you into compliance with what the radical left wants to do. They need you in a poor economy so you will be more willing to accept government handouts, like universal income and free education. They need you struggling so you will not argue when they take over your industry and federalize it.

Because this is not about the federal government actually working for Americans. This is about the radical left attempting to force us into communism under the label of socialism. That is something Joe Biden is proud of.

While Joe Biden may be proud of what he has done, I have not met one single American proud of Joe Biden.

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  1. We know this guys has deminished mental capacity – but is he living in an alternate universe? Cripes he is so full of it – when I was filling my tank for $45-50 and now it is 60-80 – he thinks that isn’t a problem? Now we know why DC can’t pass a balanced budge without printing more money…..they have no idea that it ever runs out.

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